New Moon in Gemini-sowing the seeds of love- “How do you like them apples?!”

There is a star inside my apple


I know it is hard to grapple


but if you cut it side to side


there is a star alone, no lie.


And in my star inside my apple


are sleepy little seeds


and in those seeds found in my star


are could-be apple trees.


Out in the ground, I will put my seeds


and an apple tree will grow


And in that tree soon will be apples,


red or gold with stars and seeds and apple trees


for people, birds, bears and bees,


For months, for years, for centuries


And on and on it goes you see


And on and on it goes.

Ellis Paul

Despite having quotes to hand, guidance of what to write and time- I find myself completely out of focus.

Distracted by every noise, sound and smell around me.

Knowledge is like a garden if it is not cultivated it cannot be harvested.


I have entered the potential energy of the Gemini phase occurring tomorrow evening for me here in the UK.
The irony not lost on me.
my soul has the path number of this Astrological Archetype.
I often tend to see so many perspectives.
“Picking” one becomes the greatest challenge, for they are all from the same tree so to speak.
So I find myself, doing exactly what I always do when it comes to knowing how to navigate my own creativity.
Complete all physical “distractions” and then finally climb my intuition, through my body.
Occupying my analytic mind with tasks, immersed in doing,creativity flows.
Uniting my Masculine and Feminine.
Bringing guidance down, forming Heaven on Earth, through my wonderful physical vessel.

All the scriptures tell us one thing: Know thyself- if you have known yourself, you have known everything else.

Sri Swami Satchidananda

And this is where I find myself, in so many ways.
Deciding on my own physical environment I am empowered to start what I have been avoiding, on so many levels.


Sat in my front garden, the sun blaring onto me I am in truth unable to see a single word I am writing.
In this space I am be- coming my path, the Tarot card of this moon, The Lovers.

True knowledge exists in the knowing you know nothing


My eyesight blocked, visualising words through my inner-tuition.
I find the “seed” within all my in- sight.
My own knowledge and understanding, I am my Guide.
Emergence of great love and enjoyment within all my bodies.
My Higher self.
Or as I like to think, my future persona, my own Guardian, my potential.

Theres a choice you must make in everything you do. So keep in mind that in the end, the choice you make, makes you.

John Wooden.

How We see Angels, Guides, even, as a result, each other, is an individual process.

For me, there is no separation, they are a blueprint of what I can become.
Not always a “positive” thing when you realise the shadow of the Lovers is the Devil!
Archangel Raphael for example, depicted on the Lover’s card in the Tarot, speaks of healing.
Physical health, signifying my highest possibility in this place.
Alongside the wellbeing of the third eye and how we see our current circumstances.

Live the story you want to tell


Collectively there is a hunger for this awareness, and I for one am embracing the direction I always knew.
The journey of beauty and “pure sight”
Emphasis on BEAUTY
Beyond our own views, from a place of great love.
Here our “guides” have the capacity to unite us in remembrance of our own divinity.
We all have them, every plant, animal, 2 legged, 4 or many, even the stone people.
We are all aided by the very thing we are becoming.

The world is shaped by 2 things, stories told and the memories they leave behind.

Vera Nazarian

So why see separation?
In the same manner we view all opposition, as a species we isolate each trait to understand them.
Utilising “labels”, structure, form we build Empires based on this heirachy.
No longer a “traditional system of orders of angels and other heavenly beings”
Seperation gives us a far wider picture and respect for each foundation of existence.
It becomes our legacy.

No story lives unless someone wants to listen

J K Rowling

But that is the old Emperor!
This year, with 2020 and yes, I will say it again, clear vision, we are being asked to look at a new way forward.
Full circle in our knowing, to see the union within us all.
Including any Judgement we may have on ourselves and each other.
All is one, what one says another reacts to.
We often forget this and like seeds in a rotten apple we start to decay what was once crucial to our own evolution.
The awareness of the bigger picture.
All is love.
And…. All is a choice, even how we perceive this.

I have decided to stick with love, hate is too great a burden to bear

Martin Luther King JNR

This is our “free will”
The tree of knowledge from which all fruition grows.
An incredible bounty often underfed until “removed”.
Even less digested, by the very people that desire it so much.
Free will like the apple of wisdom can leave us more aware, awake, or “enlightened” than we had planned.

Knowledge without practice is useless, practice without knowledge is dangerous.


 Seeing our own naked vulnerability we begin to form separations.
Split in half, we no longer perceive the star within us that holds the source of all beginnings.
Instead, in our need to understand the reason behind this pain, we seek to confirm or is that conform.
What once was a delicious morsel of juicy empowerment becomes bitter, poisonous.
Shared or rather force fed with many, the slumber continues.
Yet, like any good fairy tale, in its very nature, free will has the ability to grow, to diversify, release new seeds.

In every single thing you do you are choosing a direction. Your life is a product of choice.

Dr. Kathleen Hall

We are able to regain what was once, and in truth always has been, ours.
The emphasis on this New Moon.
To commit to the decisions we are to feed from.
To in-tend and garden our own Eden within.
Look at the mirrored landscape.
Our own mind, body, and soul.
Unite with the very thing we often give away.
Our Stories and why we tell them.

Eve tasted the apple in the garden of Eden in order to slake that intense thirst for knowledge that the simple pleasures of picking flowers and talking to Adam could not satisfy.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

 Theres a famous tale, you’ve probabally heard of it in one manner or another.
A young, pure, female, tempted, somtimes by the Devil himself.
Ingesting knowing, she passes it forward.
She is punished.
Her and her ancestor’s wombs are to be a place of suffering.
Each thing she creates will cause great pain, and all those that seek it within her “will” be chastised.
Her be-loved, will become infinite work, ardous.
Each decision, will impact all actions made along future generations.
And together they “will” never know the abundance they once came from.

May your choices reflect your hopes not your fears

Nelson Mandela

 What a version or vision!
Where is the happy ending?
Does this continue forever?
The choice is ours to dictate.
My own narrative would or “WILL freely” include and go a little along these lines…
Throughout her journey, she continued to bloom.
Seeking answers beyond the obvious vulnerability, within the sky of her imagination.
She was Being love,her actions reflected this back to her in awe.
Remembering who “they” were, they found themselves, the veil lifted.
In love
Dependant on each other, doing and feeling merge into beauty.
Here they realise the seeds within the apple.
They plant them.
In all they do and become, for all they meet to feed from.
The infinite Heaven on Earth- the time of Pachakutti has arrived.
The serpent now gains its’ wings, becoming Quetzalcoatl, forming the vision of Ayni.

Intent reveals desire, action reveals commitment.

Dr. Steve Maraboli

The stories of old are finally shed with the union of “true loves” recognition or the “Gem-in-Eye!”
Nice huh?!
Well this is all in the perception.
The choice.
From this place we act and know and be, our decisions.
We commit.

Commitment is what transforms a promise into a reality.

Abraham Lincoln

 The snake of temptation is a mirror of our behaviours.
In the old tale we no longer see with purity.
Once bitten, the “snake eyes” become the vision of the apple within our own sight.
Yet, we can change the game.
Placing the “gamble” on ourselves, seeing the knowledge that we are here to create change.
To re write the legends for our children’s’ children to read.

Concentrate on your game and don’t be afraid to win!

Amy alcott

 “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” and when it does it is through gravity.
What goes up comes down, sometimes not gently, but always onto the soft belly of the Mother, held.
The truth.
There is support in all we do.


We never left Eden.
We are here to remember this and remind each other of the only knowledge worth discovering.

You have to learn the rules of the game, and then you have to play better than anyone else.

Albert Einstein

Our thoughts are the air we breathe.
Emotions the very blood of the Earth.
Passion the fire of all zodiacs, the essence of warmth and light within the sun that beams upon us and our actions.
We are physically the very ground we walk upon.
This understanding, has been the harvest of all our Ancestors.
To remember the senses, to savour the juices of our own creativity, remove any rotten stories.

Be aware of fake knowledge it is more dangerous than ignorance

George Bernard Shaw

 In connecting to our body’s intelligence, we digest the truth, this “apple a day keeps the doctor away”.
We become the highest vision of health.
We seek alignment in all we do, not because it is tempting but essential.
We observe what we are putting into our bodies.
The thoughts.
The stories.
The opinions.
The food
The substances.
The environment.
And we begin to choose ourselves.
From a place of love.

Love is not maximum emotion; love is maximum commitment.


 Knowing our Higher self is the future of all we do, see, feel, and create.
We grow the very orchard of our own legacy.
Extracting the sap of this new moon we begin to “C” the dice essential to change the game.

Commitment is a choice


 Over the next few weeks there are to be many directions.
Many choices.
Many ways forward, as unique, and individual as the person making them.
But, all roads lead home, all paths return us to the one destination.
The mountain beyond the “isolation” passed Social distancing.
The red road or beauty way.
The place of the great Serpent, belly to belly with Pachamama.
Where deep healing and shedding has the potential to occur.
The root behind the rising of such delicious, resonant information.

Because I always have a choice, I choose love.

Deepak Chopra

 This is the focus.
The very reason why we bit into the apple in the first place.
 A chance to pick up the apple cart and decide what produce we are taking forward.
To help with this I am continuing to offer services by donation:
Including Transformational Truth of Tarot Game changer sessions:
We are changing the creative narrative, one cycle at a time in our Facebook group with:
Womb rites
Dream weaving
Art therapy.
Live videos, healing, and guidance.
Alternatively, choose your own return to Eden. With many recorded meditations:

If you wait until you find the meaning of life, will there be enough life left to live meaningfully?

The Lubavitcher Rebbe

Until next time, here’s to throwing the book away and discovering new stories.
In munay

Are you ready to live “apple-y ever after?”


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