“Sew”-hain- what costume are you wearing- Clown or cat, Fool or Strength is there a difference?

” The past is behind

Learn from it

The future is ahead

Plan for it

The present is here

Live it”

President Monson

Having recently returned from the most mind-blowing trip to Canada, holding Despacho, a sacred prayer bundle, beneath the stars on the new moon, I am surprised, not only at how quickly this next Scorpionic phase has come around, but how little I have written.

No call or desire to reflect, releasing the journey into the flames before it had completed, surrendering it with great gratitude at that moment for times to come, I have physically embodied the changes I had so humanly fretted about.

No trick, the treat, a celebration alongside those I consider soul family, in all honesty at that moment, all moments even, Samhain had begun.

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