Fences are made for those who cannot fly- Elbert Hubbard

Outside my bedroom window

Stands a majestic old tree.

She’s been standing there for decades,

Just as proud as she can be.

And every morning when I wake,

She’s the first thing I see.

This lovely constant in my life,

So magnificent and free.

I can see the early, rising sun

Peeking through her lush green leaves.

I can hear her moving gently,

In the summer’s warming breeze.

She has a personality

That she wants the world to see.

And her moods are ever changing

Behind her silent dignity.

She responds to every season,

In her own unfettered way.

All we have to do is gaze at her

To know what seasons on its way.

In the Spring she comes alive again,

As her leaves begin to bloom.

And beneath the sun’s attention,

You can almost see her swoon.

And in the heat of the summertime,

When her joy is magnified.

She has never looked more beautiful,

All “decked out to the nines.”

And when the Fall comes creeping in,

And a chill floats on the breeze,

She prefers to don more earthy tones,

And does just what she please.

But when the Winter’s looming large,

It’s impossible to hide

As her barren limbs droop soulfully.

They betray her grief inside.

She’s stood by me through all my days.

She’s watched me laugh and cry.

She’s listened so intently

While I’ve pondered on my life.

And when I see her dank and weary,

I will sit with her sometimes.

And all the years we’ve shared together

Will come rushing back to mind.

But both of us are strong and true.

We’ve become the closest friends,

And we will weather every storm

Together till the end.

My Loyal Friend

By Patricia A. Fleming

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