” To see in one is to be in another”

Kirsty Dignam 2018



If you had suggested to me many moons ago, I was to take all the aspects of my journey as strength, skills, tools even to aid others on their own path.

I would have in all honesty told you my exact thoughts, from a place of great pain and misunderstanding or respect for my own story.

Something we often overlook in the midst of it all.

Yet now, assuming my ever-expanding role as a Midwife, I can with much gratitude see, truly see the similarities in my job description and the growth or birth beyond the steps I have created to date.

Honored to share this knowledge and I guess soul training, I am blessed to offer many different routes to welcome the arrival of our physical potential.

These include Empowerment readings, an opportunity to look at patterns holding you back from stepping into who you came here to be. Utilising the Tarot and my own connection to bring forth the inner wild intuitive soul you are into three actionable, manageable more importantly physical steps for you to continue on your path.

This can then be done solo, or with my continued support helping you adjust and conceive the changes that arise as a result.

I also offer healing, having studied and experienced on many levels, numerous modalities, to both humans and animals, to restore the energetic balance within to facilitate harmony of your own physical systems through these changes rebalancing any dis-ease that may be occurring.

In addition, I work alongside a Shamanic way of life and incorporate these rituals and ceremonies to aid rites of passage, mentorship, and teaching.

If you wish to know more or have been initiated by anything on my page, please feel free to contact me to chat further.

Thank you for your presence and for enabling me to be the Midwife I came here to be.

In Munay ( love)


Are you ready to push?

To hold your dreams in your arms?