Death and Re-birth of the Crone- “Come what May”

“When patterns are broken- New worlds emerge”


 I woke this morning to grounded, almost stern guidance from an Archetype I know well.

It was needed, dreaming of Rose linneages’ the Knights Templar and “hidden” royal bloodlines emerging, I could feel the build up of the Scorpionic Full Moon.

I became incredibly submerged in my subconscious.

There was only one energy that could “bring me back”.

Not the clarion call of the associated Judgement card but the deep Wise Woman energy of the Crone.


“ Go beyond the Karma, the gender, the past, further than you have ever been, and align with the Divine within”

Pushing aside my own views, of what May would look like, I continued to listen and ironically realise the presence of this Soul Midwife had been within and around us for several months- perhaps years even.



Becoming ever more present in the supportive pictures in windows, the “multi coloured tribe” prophecies and the current hues within the sky  I have in truth sensed the rainbow that will bridge us into the next reality for some time.

The Change.

 For me personally this has meant literally.


 My own cycle becoming more random every day I can sense the waters of the peri menopause within my creative centre.

 I cannot wait- but I know I must- to discover the virtue of Patience!

Having spent most of my life experiencing severe endometriosis from an over stimulated over producing womb and adenomyosis from a space that has become exhausted, the thought of this all ceasing fills me with great serenity.

Maybe I am being naïve.

But after decades of pain, debilitation, and dis-ease unable to recover in between each release- for me that is what I am facing, the end of it all.

A new way of being.

 A death!

 And with that- rebirth!

Unfortunately, despite occuring more frequently in response to the needs of the collective Feminine “ the change” is not always seen this way, and it is this I can feel on a conscious level, it is here I am aware of Judgement.

“ First slow down.

Slow down your speech.

Slow down your breathing.

Slow down your walking.

Slow down your eating.

And let this slower, steadier pace perfume your mind.

First slowdown”


 Often portrayed as ageing, decomposing, losing one’s ability to create or deliver.

With menopause we face the “inevitable” loss of youth, vitality, and percieved “freedom.”

As females we are prepared to expect hormonal imbalances, sweats, mood swings, thinner hair, brittle bones, less sleep and the dreaded “CRONEHOOD!”

Society, much like childbirth, continues to describe horror stories of what is independently a rite of passage, probably THE transition for the Feminine.

“To exist is to change

To change is to mature.

To mature is to create oneself endlessly”

 Henri Bergson

 So how is this related to the full Moon?

From now until November, Temperance and Sagittarius will take all we have discovered, all of our cries out, and create the next phase in preparation for not only “her” year but the energy of the Hierophant!

We have a real chance to step away from Dogmatic views, our own inlcuded and become the teacher, guide, Sacred witness we are all capable of , birthing our Soul’s potential or  we can collectively continue to loop throughout time creating with the same entrapment.

The sting in the tale ( pun intended) our own view of a “slower” pace.

If seen through the blurred images of what maturing is believed to be, we loose perspective of the deep healing, creativity and blossoming that is and has the potential to occur.

One only need open their eyes to the environment outside.

Pachamama, gifted a break from her children, has breathed new life into what going within can birth.

Having time to recover, to flourish, she has in short experienced her own “men-o-pause” and looks incredible for it!

Setting an example for the shifts within us we are so eager to deliver, the rainbow that comes following great reign!

Showing when we spiritually birth “Elderhood” several things occur.

No longer are we physically drained from the loss of blood, or essential nutrients.

We realise life has become less about  creating for individual sake, but with more lasting effects for ourselves, and on an even deeper level of existence, the Universe.

Contrary to popular belief we do not stop having cycles, in opposition they often become more Intune with the lunar stages, and the macrocosm-  infinite in their nature.

And the Maiden, Mother, Crone in fact merge into a fourth more structured, less fluctuating rounded aspect of …. The DIVINE FEMININE!

Or as we have been calling this year… THE EMPEROR!

“Don’t go with the flow- Be the flow”

 Elif Safak

So how do we emerge, from our own and external lock down into the “new vision” we have been searching for?

We call the Midwife, the wise woman, the “dark goddess” not to help us rise as Judgement would no doubt do, but to aid us to move forward, to alchemise what we have discovered.

 Cue Temperance- the moderator of action, thought or feelings or as I like to express- AYNI.



Androgynous in nature, protective, aware of all opposites, focused, grounded on Earth yet part of the subconscious waters, Temperance is and always will be the over seer of all births and transitions.

It is her depth and ability that empowers us to heal whatever rises, “come what May”

Able to journey through all realms, calling upon this Archetypal energy within can aid us this month with any imbalances included but not limited to:

  • Karma 
  • Repetitive cycles
  • A need to “make love” to life rather than experience it casually.
  • Inability to move forward
  • Healing
  • Death and “crossing over” of loved ones.
  • Reconnection to Pachamama
  • Discovery of hidden truths.
  • Focus and grounding to avoid the very real potential of becoming “lost” in the collective abyss.

 “ Expertise which destroys innocence also leads me back to it”

 James Arthur Baldwin

 One of the biggest shifts in relation to becoming an “elder” physically for a woman is the reduction in her own creative space.

Much like the Earth around us the imprint of what we are producing and as such waste decreases.

The womb returns inevitably back to the size it was as a pubescent, like our environment, it then depends on the “National Heart Service” to support it’s physical demands.

From this place of expanded innocence old cycles are unable to be reborn.

“Do not follow the ideas of others, but learn to listen to the voice within yourself, your body and mind will become clear and you will realise the unity of all things”

 Dogen Zenji

 Thursday is the last SUPER moon of the year!

Known as the blossoming we are being given an opportunity, with great humility, to slowly step out of what was and formulate what could become.

We can take the time to recover, dipping our toes slowly, emphasis on that word, in order to truly nurture and as such avoid repeating  Judgemental Deaths.

By observing all opposites and combining them as one we have a unique gateway to take the middle road, past the Crown of “corona” into the Sovereignty of the light we are and always have been.

This is the infinite  flow we can now embrace, in a vastness of potential by standing firm upon our own focal points, including how we see the three female energies within.

“ The law of attraction is a theory, cosmic ordering is a practice, putting that theory to work”

 Stephen Richards

 I personally uphold, as best I can, three of these “Cosmic” Laws to maintain moderation, not only in what I consume through all my senses but how I perceive and as such create life.

These are often intermingled as one:

Llachay- wisdom– ( The Elder) this month I am offering an online Womb rite ceremony in our Facebook Group:

Munay-Love- ( The Maiden)Today’s portal energy has given rise to a meditation dear to my heart being birthed on you-tube:

Llankay- work or service– ( The Mother) I am continuing to offer all services distantly on a donation basis:

“Temperance puts wood on the fire, meal in the barrel, flour in the tub, money in the purse, credit in the country, contentment in the house, clothes on the back, and vigour in the body.”

Benjamin Franklin

Although somewhat “rudimental” in their nature these “chop wood, carry water” principles empower me to live in harmony.

Birthing my own contribution towards creating not only the Earth I wish to leave my grandchildren, but the connection or relationship I have with my soul

 The “other” yet most vital, major aspect to this Full Moon in Scorpio, is the desire of the Soul  and realisation that there is far more to this “human essence” with it’s application to  “everyday life!”

Also known as “living life for the purpose of living!”

As suggested, beyond Karma, gender, linear time, and restrictive “truths”, and “over the hill” there is indeed Temperance.

A natural Law, a frequency,  that leads to one’s own Soul’s vibration.

A wisdom only audiable when grounded in the  flow of patience, virtue, recovery and…. “Elderhood!”


In Munay


Are you ready to hear your own calling?


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