The birth of a Soul Midwife

In 2008, the life I had known as mine, ended

What I had failed to realise then was that I was in labour.

Preparing to deliver the next stage of my own Soul– becoming a Soul Midwife

Within several short years, I had traveled the crumbled road of Midwifery: A role I had enjoyed with great honor and passion: Into the rabbit hole of redundancy,  bankruptcy, several evictions, severe health issues, relationship breakdowns and death of loved ones.

All I had come to know and rely on pulled from beneath my feet like a poorly performed magic trick.

During this “darkness”, I came to recognise the pain of true abundance,the wide dilataion of health, the crowning of unwavering faith, and the ever so uncomfortable grace of humility.

At times kicking and screaming my way through more egoic deaths than I care to recall, truly initiating my own inner wisdom.

I birthed, myself, The Soul midwife, you now see in front of you.

 It wasn’t easy, despite my own awareness of Midwifery, medicine and “wise women” I had allowed my own scientific mind to limit the potential of a role, unbeknown to me, I had, like us all, been born into.

A facillitator of change, here to deliver our greatest potential

Stripped from my own identity, the frustration I felt regarding my  “dis-ease”, led me along a new yet vaguely familiar path of alternative healing.

Becoming almost bedridden with Fibromyalgia, Glandular fever, Endometriosis and newly allergic to modern medicine, I realised with deep sadness, with each shrug of the medical profession, the time to listen to my body had arrived through the form of “shamanic illness.”

It screamed languages of anger, pain, and frustration. Sobbed from self-neglect, judgment and lack of self-love, ached from being placed inside molds that were not mine. Took me to the level of any sanity and begged for it to end, all the while returning me to my inner tuition, my connection, with each layer I shed, my soul.

Looking back I remember pleading to speak the dialect of spirituality I had to relearn, which despite my ancestral lineage, was now like a foreign language.

How I had despised my rational logical brain, desperate for an explanation, and scientific insight with measurable results.

Yet now, for the most part, I feel humbled, to pass on the numerous healing modalities I have encountered, through my own experiences, medical and spiritual understanding.

Skipping….and at times tripping along the shamanic path, I have recollected many aspects of who I am.

Through my many journeys I find myself qualified in crystal therapy, compassionate release, Advanced sound, Atlantean and Metatron healing, able to understand hidden languages including Tarot, Runes, Numerology and the voice of my Earth mother, guides and animals.

I also have the honour of creating alongside the stone people and my late mother to offer bespoke jewellery through Simply Eve and yet the road, as I know it now, has more junctions and destinations than I ever could have visualised almost a decade ago, including equine healing, massage, reflexology and EFT.

It is with great respect I continue to hold the space for others to birth, on all levels, reuniting the physical soul through unconditional integrity and complete awe regarding my true role, (which you can find out more about here,) as a Soul Midwife.

Are you ready to deliver your potential?

All donations are gratefully recieved to keep my online work free, whilst maintaining services that are minimally and flexibly compensated financially.

Thank you

In deepest Munay




I am eternally grateful for any support and thank you in advance, may all our contributions, be returned with the honour and love they are given.


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