Daily guidance

“Most of us can read the writing on the wall we just assume it’s addressed to someone else”

Invern Ball

Well this morning I couldn’t miss it on the bathroom wall!

The Solstice energies and guidance

Meaning to standstill

In our light

Having faced the longest day

We are being gifted an opportunity to reset for the second half of the year

To meet the opportunities coming June is, if we allow, a time to prepare

To make space



Today I am doing this at Tweedy Clothing

Surrounded by sustainability, community and the treasure available in a like minded ethic, tonight I will bless the space with a Sound bath

Intentions will be made in the still point

The void of creation

Supported by the union of the Masculine and Feminine

Selecting cards for this mornings energy, darkness clouding the skies as they opened, I randomly selected from behind The Hermit

Tuning into the unknown image in my hands, heart expanding I recieved “pray from this space, ask how you can bring your gift in all you do”

The card was the Nine of Cups.

Today communicate with your inner self

Take the time to make space for what needs to be heard

Are you living, sharing and sourcing what you need to live your own dream

Feel free to join us tonight at 5pm to open to this further!!!

In munay



Living the dream?


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