Daily guidance

” Until we can manage time we can manage nothing else”

Peter Drucker

I have a really busy day today

With plans to hold space for Despacho

A Sacred prayer bundle

Alongside fire ceremony for the Solstice

Yet in each moment there is nothing for me “to do”

But flow

After all there is no organising right relations, it just is.

This used to baffle and frustrate me

Until I discovered time

In is true essence

The Still or zero point

Void of potential

A gift we are being asked to remember as the Sun itself pauses.

Here this morning, despite planning the daily guidance I ended up writing ideas for a blog…FOR AUGUST!!!

Because time has no structure

Creativity isn’t linear

But infinite!

Wondeing which crystals to include for grid work, what Tarot insights to mention and how to consider the Astrological implications of the Lionsgate portal, I paused


Held in deep awareness of all potential within and around me, I asked Source

Shuffling the cards, my heart expanding I heard “remember this day with fondness” as I randomly selected from behind the Ace of Cups

Tuning into the unknown image in my hands, I recieved “where would you like to be by the August Full Moon” bringing down my future self I turned over The Two of Pentacles

Eyes drawn to several pieces of crystal jewellery in my garden alongside a seed I heard ” all the information you need is infront of you in each moment” the card underneath was Temperance

Today take a breath and be to in this timeline

From here ask for guidance

May we all step into who we are becoming by recognising that it is only now that truly exists in time, and rediscover the Sacred prayer available within this.

In deepest munay



Need time?


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