Weekly musings 20th June 2022

Not a week to be stating the obvious- ( video below) instead we are better prepared by conserving our energy and as a result more able to streamline it.

Can we be aware of the intentions made in our words to avoid unnecessary patterns.

There is a big difference between reflection and repetition.

How well have we initiated growth from and within our own medicine, something worth considering before we demand others take it!!!

Selective responses are needed this week as the many different realities collide together to be heard, can we observe the noise and allow the space needed to fine tune the wisdom we have collectively gained.

A new reality available to us all.

We are being prepared for a large change, available from the 7.7 portal onwards and it is recommended we utilise this time for what it always was, a moment to regain harmony and balance.

The Earth is and will physically shift this month, we must ensure we have good footing by looking at our own foot print upon the very belly of Pacha-mama from all levels.

We must re- learn to feed from the nectar of life if we are to be sustained collectively over the next six months and share this freely!

Can our vulnerability be the fruit of our labours rather than the wounds we have inflicted upon ourselves and each other- it’s all in the choices we now make!

We’ve been trained to see the light in the darkness, this week will bring more truths to be highlighted as an opportunity to find this within all we perceive.

Can we use these points of potential to discover our own wisdom and empower others to do the same?

The Solstice holds a very “fertile” portal!!!

It is time to see ourselves and each other as sacred to gain the balance required for the growth now needed.

We can not expect different results from the same actions, this is no longer enough.

If you want more, be prepared to walk the extra mile!

In deepest munay



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