Daily guidance

” The best gift you can give yourself is the gift of possibility”

Paul Newman

I’m on the Eight of Pentacles Today.

I haven’t stopped.

But I have ceased any expectation.

As a result my home and gardens are clear, my bloods have been taken, my van washed, dog walked, shopping done and I have been offered three job potentials!

A few weeks ago I made a screen saver wish list (see below)

I didn’t join the gym as hoped instead I now carry flint on my back twice daily for my garden.

The “wait” has led to a deep healing in regard to my own worth and childhood

We didn’t move, instead we made roots, the best of our situation, surrendered rather than fought and I bought a home sweet home rug!

I have looked at communication the last few weeks and how to simplify this, as a result my broken phone will be replaced in the next few days with a red “apple” in this Lovers year!

I have applied for the most random employment as guided and now maybe providing a Sacred healing space in more ways and to more individuals than I could have anticipated.

Life’s funny.

Often “hard work”

But only when we fight the potential gifted to us by limiting what we share or recieve through expectations.

Of ourselves and each other.

Having just sat with a tea, shuffled The Tarot and selected randomly from behind the Ace of Cups as John Ledgend sings “ordinary people” I can now share myself here, something that may be slowing down soon, through the guidance recieved

Tuning into the unknown image in my hands I had seen the infinity symbol, energy flowing backwards and forwards as I became ayni.

Visualising the Ten of Pentacles, I felt the wonder of us all as the gift we are in all we do.

The energy in my palms too big to be contained, longing to be free I saw a lion and found myself in the prescence of the lyrans

Their message ” you are all ready to be seen”

Today feel into what you do without noticing

The essence of who you are

Allow this to guide you

May we all be recognised for the gifts we provide in each moment and may this love flow as the source of all reciprocity

In munay



What are you ready to see?


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