Daily guidance

” Anything you can’t control is teaching you how to let go”

Jackson Kiddard

Despite having much to do I am aware now is a time for reflection.

I can feel it internally, journeying with the Seven of Pentacles, the rush of potential growing within me.

I am surrounded by it externally, the weather, Mercury and a deep connection to Pachamama alongside the messages I am receiving to pause.

I trust

Not only “her” but myself

My ability to ride my own intuitive current.

So for now, I am to observe where I am with gratitude in what has been immense energy, for the opportunity to take stock of the growth that has occurred

Before I deem what vibration to ride forward

Shuffling the Tarot, aware of my own focus being around self worth and its connection to my physical needs I visualised a large white light, within which sat a Tower.

Hearing “Pallas Athena” as I randomly selected from behind the Five of Swords, I tuned into the unknown image in my hands.

Feeling surprised, calm, relieved at how stable and balanced I felt in this to and fro energy, with great determination and Strength.

Visualising a tunnel, moving through it swiftly, I realised I had passed through a very long Initiation and was actually the other side.

The card was The Chariot

Today stop trying to figure things out

Recognise what is your story within the collective

Allow this to guide you forward now

Trust yourself as the navigator of your own path.

May the nagging voice of doubt empower us all to see how far we have actually come, here may we take the “reign” needed to keep going.

In deepest munay



What do you need to hear?


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