Daily guidance

“The heart in every human is the Sacred love”

Laila Gifty Akita

Today I randomly, ironically selected from behind the very card I am journeying with for today’s guidance.

The Nine of Pentacles

Having spent the morning discussing the importance of roots connection to the Earth, the Goddess (being Friday the 23th!) Sacred space and healing I am being made aware, this is me.

My essence.

In all I do and long for

The very energy behind all of my dreams

Finally connecting to the message of the bird in the tree this morning I could sense the beauty of my own Christ Consciousness

I had become my wish

Tuning into the unknown image in my hands, my heart expanded.

Receiving great love like a flame of kundalini from the Earth through my body as it radiated out to others, I no longer feared this energy or my own ability to hold space for the healing available

Visualising the Ten of Cups, aware I have been a guardian for the dreams of Pachamama, connecting to the rose lineage and dragons, there was no message but pure open heart love as I turned over The Three of Swords, behind which sat The Ace of Wands.

Today may we all find peace in our own growth

Here may we be inspired by the very miracles we are and remain open to their reflection in all we are guardians of.

Our own hearts included.

In deepest munay



What miracle do you need to open to?


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