Daily guidance

” Life’s not breaths you take but the moments that take your breath away”

George Strait

New journal!

New journey!

Following a deep channeling and healing yesterday for Pachamama, I am on another path.

Listening to Divine inspiration, the voice of god/source within, I am traveling with the minor arcana of the tarot.

This time the Swords!

The breath

The unknown

The North

Siwar quenti

The great hummingbird

Outside as the Sun shines I can feel the guidance of The Fool archetype, reminding me to be open to embody this wisdom.

To recieve the call-in and converse with and for Great Spirit however that may be/come.

Journalling, my wrist aching from an old operation, as a result of delivering a creation “too big” my hand became the Ace of Swords in my minds eye

Already in a meditative state, as has been the case for some time now, I didn’t need separate healing or prayers, I can recognise they are present in all I do.

Part of my spiritual practice, every day life.

This includes the daily guidance, for which this morning I shuffled the Tarot.

Hearing the above quote as I randomly selected from behind the three of Cups, I tuned into the unknown card.

Watching my dog lick and chew as my own eyes became blurry I sensed the deep healing of this Archetype.

Surrounded by immense spiritual support, my crown chakra wide open I became a hollow bone of potential as I recieved the song “life is a roller coaster just gotta ride it”

Eyes drawn to a picture of myself, arms up, on the Cobra I asked for a message

Visualising myself in the collective pool of consciousness, feet against the side, prepared to swim I heard ” get ready to push yourself forward”

The card was the Heirophant, underneath which sat the Ace of Swords.

Today open to recieve your own Spiritual guidance, it isn’t too big to be delivered I assure you!

Converse with the messages around you as a reflection of yourself.

May we all connect to the know-in all we do, share and are remains part of the collective truth, the breath of life, and communicate from this place of divinity.

In deepest munay



May be an image of text that says "THREE CUPS THE HIEROPHANT ACE SWORDS"

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