Daily guidance

“When the eagle and the condor come together in harmony there will be peace on Earth”

Ancient prophecy

The above has been spoken in many languages

Many cultures

Many ways

With many explanations

All relevant

All needed

All vital for the bigger picture

The Wheel of life, the cycles of time, life, nature, cosmos.

For me it speaks of the mind and heart coming together.

The Feminine and masculine

Logic and intuition

Unity of all aspects

The end of war, conflict, within and around us.

It’s been an interesting morning

I have woke, aware I am once again waking the knifes edge.

The road between realities

This world and the next

Otorongo on the Medicine wheel, the emotional mind, the ego.

Keeping me balanced on this journey… peace, the sun shining, hope, despite everything occurring around me which I am also acutely aware of energetically to my core.

Despite dreaming this day many years ago (my ego had to add that!) I can feel a deeper awareness within me from this aspect of my Soul.

My opinion, identity, self…I should have one, I should be sending healing, doing something, posting etc

Yet deep in my being, other than today’s guidance which as always comes from beyond me, I feel to be grounded.

To move beyond my fear that this isn’t enough, past the reflective views of others confirming my shadow.

Knowing, there is a time and place for us all to bring what we are here to deliver, to evolve past our differences, stand in our role here, beyond the distractions of trying to be the same.

To actually embrace our ego for the ultimate identity…of our Souls.

Our light.

Shuffling the cards, selecting from behind the Sun, randomly, I kept hearing “love more, this is how YOU diffuse your own war” as I tuned into the unknown image in my hands.

Hearing the rocky theme tune, followed by the eye of the tiger I recalled my mother’s funeral song as I heard “the old is dying within and around you, hold space for this by connecting to the card today”

The image was the Medicine wheel.

Today connect to the Sun, The ultimate masculine force knowing all light comes from the darkness.

Savour the life giving energy and share this in all you do.

Recognise your current place upon the Universal wheel; let go of the past in the south, release toxic relationships including with yourself in the West, know and show your light in the North and enter the East ready for the next chapter of the life you want to live.

The choice to diffuse conflict is ours.

Always, begin with the internal war.

May the Eagle and condor within all finally settle.

May there be peace on Earth.

In deepest munay




May be an image of text that says "The Sun Medicine The Wheel"

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