Daily guidance

“Freedom is man’s capacity to take a hand in his own development. It is our capacity to mold ourselves”

Rollo May


Of the mind

The body

The Soul

The ultimate judgement that stops us from moving forward

Last night I slept with the Two of Swords beneath my pillow.

Having selected it from behind Judgement and the Two of Wands I felt the pre warning for today’s energy

That didn’t remove my dreams

My mother stuck in labour, myself her midwife yet also the creation she was trying to birth.

Waking, aware of a collective backwards and forwards energy today, I have spent the morning cleaning mould from my fridge and cleansing my home.

It feels like an ongoing battle with my environment.

I love where I live but the home itself needs so much care and upkeep, now beyond my own physical, emotional and financial ability.

Unfortunately we need to move on, to go forward.

I have felt so undecided and now the “mould” has left me aware that there is no more healthy growth available where I currently am.

Shuffling the Tarot, my energy irritable regarding what seems a constant endurance of hard work with no visible pay out I randomly selected from behind the eight of pentacles.

Tuning into the unknown card, taking my energy higher, I visualised the Tower.

Feeling overwhelmed I sensed the presence of Temperance.

Suggesting I “chop wood and carry water” the Tower became the castle beyond”her”

The direction I was headed.

Feeling grounded in my own impatience, recognising it as a sense of change I recieved “keep going”

The card was the page of Pentacles

Behind which sat the Ace and Ten of Pentacles

Today look at what you have and continue to create with your own hands in each moment.

How can and does this mold your ability to move forward

No judgement

May we all realise the wealth of freedom available now from our endurances, rather than divide from them and may this abundance be the essence we create with.

In deepest munay





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