Weekly guidance

Unicorns, crystals, Elvis, blown lightbulbs, BDSM and Angels, welcome to this week’s energy video ( see below

It comes, like life, in two parts

The darkness

The light

The ability to hold space for both within us

By getting out of our own way, going beyond the view of our own perspectives we are blessed to truly walk the beauty way.

Implementing and seeing the wonder of you ( thank you Elvis for the rendition in my head and the blowing of lightbulbs!)

There is a sensation of being awake and dreaming as we conceive and deliver what re-birth truly is!

DEATH of the old delivery of the new, not by holding on to what was!


So how does this apply to unicorns and BDSM?

This week speaks of turning vanilla into kinky by addressing what truly turns us on with no judgement, opening to a life beyond the mundane beliefs and stories to the taboo of darkness in order to fully deconstruct its power.

The cosmic sacral womb is speaking, it is time to release the ties that bind the Feminine and creativity itself including our own sexuality and the oldest story in time.

Our removal from Eden

If we see this now through the eyes of the shaman, we are able to recognise it is the journey upon the tree of knowing AND ACCEPTING ourself that bears the fruit of all healing.

This week we are being asked to look truthfully with great vulnerability at the secondary losses and gains behind what we are defending, is it pure light or a limited explanation of it from the ego?

It is time we focus beyond the lessons towards the light and what we intend to do with it.

By taking this forward, allowing others to find their own education, we find the wealth of who we really are and what is being asked from us not the other way round!

What are we impregnating ourselves and Pachamama with?

Are we being shown something we didn’t already know deep inside?

Now it is time to stop flexing the things that will come to a head this week and empower change to be born without intervention.

We are being guided to observe what is being re-hashed collectively and whether it inspires us, does it feed the original sin within or our Souls potential

When we finally see our own radiance, colour and light, life becomes more manageable.

By rising and turning on our own illumination we are able to wake from the nightmare of our own constructed reality and trust in the very thing we have been searching for.


It’s time to stare victory in the face, by moving forward we evolve, rise to the calling of your own Soul and facilitate others to do the same.

In munay


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