Daily guidance

Reality leaves a lot to the imagination

John Lennon

At a crossroads yet?

What path will you take

One from the past

The future

The present

All of the above

Trippy right!

Well its begun, but in truth it never ended

Last nights dreams of timeliness, galactic spaces, films of video games, artificial intelligence… its here


It always has been

But not at this level of awareness

Or maybe it has

Stay with me

So this morning I recognised the energy

Such vast potential

I felt complete bliss in it

Years ago I fought it, questioned my sanity, clung to my truths

Today, we’ll today I expanded in my prescence

In meditation, going beyond my body, yet remaining in it, observing every sensation and synchronicity in every moment, those that had let me here, those now, those to come I felt the intense power.

The void

The cosmic womb, the biggest, constant portal there is.

A space that can only come from acceptance or rather awareness on and of all levels.

This is how we make something real, bringing it into all aspects of our being.

Musing, it was no wonder many avoided this, myself included at times, the reality of what is.

But if we can do so from the witness, rather than becoming it souley (pun intended) change occurs.

Not by doing or fixing, that is not to observe, or accept, but through the perception of all potential outcomes.

From here we decide our vibrational frequency, the reality of which- we concieve into is, and the path forward.

True to form, in confirmation, it was at this point my dress arrived, which couldn’t be delivered through the door until a picture of proof was taken!

Shuffling the Tarot, focusing on the trees outside I recieved ” see the beauty, wear this in all you do, this is your privilege”

Feeling the prescence of Isis, I randomly selected from behind the two covering cards and The High Priestess.

Tuning into the unknown image in my hands, feeling a vast, galactic, trippy energy, my egoic rational mind began to panic.

Asking for a message I heard ” you’ve got this, open your eyes and see”Doing so the light downloading reflected itself back in all I looked at, expanding my third eye and crown- the beauty of this, my, vision brought tears to my eyes.

Watching a red, large, drum filled lorry reverse back to my garden I heard “the blood of your lifetimes guides you now” as I turned over The Star card.

Today see, accept, with a level of awareness that includes all potentials

Recieve this light into your vision, take stock of where you are in preperation for the many doors now opening.

Dress for the occasion through your actions

May we all remember who we have been, are and will become to truly know the secret of our own reality and the beauty of our Souls lineage as creators of the one vision.

In deepest munay


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