Daily guidance

The inner voice speaks not in words, but in a wordless language of the heart.


This morning has been hard

I’ve really needed to listen

Not with my ears

Beyond my mind

To my heart

I woke to a timehop memory shared with my mum.

Stating we would “get our year together, so big and grand as if planned”

I had replied it would be a continued story of great love and courage, a mother and daughter side by side, that the Ancestors would speak for generations to come of how they had survived the odds.

A year on, mum has gone.

But in truth she hasn’t.

Hope, can be exactly that, the double edged sword of truth.

Sometimes blind

Others harsh or invisible

It isn’t until you hear what hope is inside, you truly gain its wisdom.


Against all odds

Something my mum gave, up until her last breath, literally using it to blow us a kiss.

In this pain, or rather the stretching to remember, this morning, I realised the truth.

We will always be mother and daughter

Side by side

We always have been, since my, our birth.

Not even death can take that

We have survived all odds, literally.

Because of my mother I will hold hope, love, in my heart until my last breath, anything else for me is like dying It isn’t easy

It takes great courage to listen for this language in the darkness

No matter how distant it may seem, it is the yearning for this truth , that brings it home within.

Not from the head or ego

Beyond the eyes

Past beliefs

To the open heart and expanded soul.

Being in this space of prescence this morning I didn’t need to mediateI had become a walking prayer

An expansion of my physical self, I shuffled the Tarot, visualising an eagle in flight as I ironically randomly selected from behind trust.

Tuning in without looking, feeling held like a babe in arms, I found myself rocking backwards and forwards.

Visualising a staircase in front of me with a round door of light I heard ” I’ve got you, always have, always will” as my mother’s face formed in my mind and kissed my forehead

The card was inner voice, underneath it sat existence.

Today listen to your heart

Not what you see or know

But your truth

Feel the yearnings of your Soul, carrying you home to yourself.

I pray we all defy the odds, side by side, with the hope and love of the Great Mother

In munay


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