Monday’s Musing’s

Happy Lammas!!!

This week (video below) we are being reminded to take only that which we need as part of the natural cycle of life including the wounds, lessons, energies even of other’s.

If something doesn’t resonate it doesn’t!

Compassion is the balance now required over the next few months and indeed into next year where we re-discover not only ourselves and many hidden skills but the ability to ride the collective consciousness of a far bigger vision than us alone!

For now we are being guided to look into what we are planting subconsciously, it will be evident in what we are currently harvesting.

Here we can examine just how well we do actually embrace change and what comparisons or “fail safe” procedures we are re- in-action-in

Only then will we find the gratitude we have been restricting beneath it all.

It’s time to take out the metaphorical scythe to be free from situations and people, old versions of ourselves included, we have outgrown.

Deciding on a different perspective will make space for the profound embodiment of our higher selves now coming through.

But it will depend on just how well we can remember that all life is sacred and appreciate from this vibration our collective uniqueness.

There are many limited tendencies in regard to connection and communication currently being articulated as we are reassured to recall ALL Leo qualities not just the egotistical ones, often when they suit us!



Divine Flow

Heart expansion

Fun and celebration


It’s time to look at how we create, remembering pride before a fall is often a necessary humility to see beyond a problem and in-visage the solution.

Can we see the Leo or Sovereign archetype differently as needed, if we are to take the reigns in the 2023 Chariot year, will this be our Tower, inner-light-enment?!!

By looking at how we communicate our own light every day we will discover our true purpose and bring what we do into our communities empowering the lions share for all

Stepping out or shedding the programmed, once necessary survival instinct of flight or fright we can understand and embrace the language of energy- in-motion rather than silence it and our own Divinity.

It is then, we embark through the lionsgate portal- the gateway within ourselves!!!

In deepest munay



Reaping what you sow?

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