Daily guidance

” Through you

I see what I otherwise cannot see

The reflection of a Star

So bright that it’s light fills heaven

Glimmering creations

Floating out to sea

Love and heavenly bodies

Your love forever unfolds

Forever illuminates

Through endless cycles and seasons

God and Goddess dream through us”

The Lovers

Toni Carmine Salerno

I’m not sure what I feel today

The energy interesting in its extreme polarities

At times elevated consciousness, others deepening reflective physical transitions

In between I stand, walking the knifes edge, like the unsettled weather, adapting accordingly

Witnessing the changes currently occuring with each step, each breath

Birth, Death,rebirth

Tomorrow we celebrate Lammas, the first harvest, a time for giving thanks in our life and as a result to come

We also recognise Lugh the celtic Sun God knowing his light, the Masculine, is beginning to wane

Active growth slowing as we prepare for the beckoning darker reflective days

I feel this

With some sadness

I don’t feel ready

Almost as if I haven’t seen the summer, that it has gone so very quickly

This isn’t true of course

In fact it is all the things I have recieved I am actually missing, the long evening walks the morning sun rises, the blossoming fields, and yes the light.

I will miss it all

While I still have it

Bittersweet is the counting of our own blessings!

We become ever more aware of their timely presence and preciousness

But this isn’t reason to not love them

To give them away without appreciation

To forget, shun or shame them

I have in the past done all these things, from fear of loss, insecurities, doubts and the older I get the less prepared I am to restrict how I love

Instead I am on a mission a pilgrimage to recieve all the love I am, into myself by loving freely.

My Soul path is the Lovers card after all!

Working with Mary Magdelene today, wondering why she was branded a prostitute, I recieved it was not in relation to hierarchy, gender or religious view, these were side efect wounds

It was linked to how she helped others fall back in love with the intimacy of life

Randomly selecting from behind the Lovers card, I tuned into the unknown image in my hands.

Hearing “why do you think prostitution is the oldest profession, people forgot thier connection first, don’t forget your Sacred Union to love”

The card was beloved

Today connect to the true essence of this Lionsgate

The doorway of endless Universes

The source of all things

The timeless state through which all is spiritually interconnected

May we recieve these valuable insights and share them with one another by no longer “selling” ourselves, or the true understanding of love, for less than its sacred value.

In deepest munay



What are you harvest-in?


May be an image of text that says "THELOVERS THE BELOVED"

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