Daily guidance

And, she said

“Let them see me

Let them all see me

For who I am”

Athey Thompson

I’m sat in my new work space

A Sacred place that has been reborn quicker and easier than I could have dreamed

Now settling, the energies of crystals, Atlantis, plant’s, Sound, colour, shamanism, and Tarot are all merging into one form

One vibration

Just as I have

When ready, guided literally by the abundance of the Divine Feminine, in artwork from the incredible Jane Delaford Taylor, this w-OM-b will be a Sanctuary where many creations will be delivered

One of which will be a Soundbath on the 7.7 portal at 7 and Tarot game changer sessions, of which details will come.

For now, the shifts occuring are deep and held in great prescence and respect

Shuffling the Tarot, for the first time in this birthing suite, my back aching from the laborious developments and expansion in my body I felt the bearing down pressure of a much needed end to what was.

Randomly selecting from behind Transformation, the Death card, tuning into the unknown image in my hands, I felt a download of clear, swift, ease and grace through my crown chakra.

Visualising the High Priestess merge with me I heard “know what you see to be true”

The card was The big Medicine Wheel, the World.

Today make your dreams a reality

Prepare the environment

Make Sacred your space of creation

Open to birth your potential

May we all be supported by the Soul midwives we are and deliver the change we long to see in the World, starting by truly seeing ourselves.

In deepest munay



What’s the biggest change needed right now?


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