Daily guidance

“For a gift that does not find balance and a service that is not returned is worth less than a curse”

Mark Helprin

I am so “behind” with today’s plans!

Yet ahead with future projects!

Meaning in reality I am exactly where I need to be!

Time traveling at its best

Fortune telling at its finest

A gift, running down my Ancestral line, that has been avoided like a curse

Because that’s what it was

“Scarily accurate” in her readings, my own grandmother stopped seeing after foretelling tragedy

Following this our bloodline connection became feared, seen outside of us, to be never really spoke of

Not great when growing up as I have!

A particularly curious healer, surrounded by those in pain.

Now, with my own understanding and journey I am able to look into the potential and help deliver it now, by aligning to the physical steps needed.

I read the future and AS a result, like us all, am continually creating it.

Just like my Ancestors did, ironically.

Shuffling the Tarot this morning, wearing the eye of Horus, an emblem, which up until a few weeks ago had brought me nothing but pain and chaos, I randomly selected from behind the Five of Cups.

Recalling last nights dreams, a gift being passed down through generations, I tuned into the unknown image in my hands as I recieved “what will you do with your ability to see”

Visualising an eye in my fire, I turned over The Sun Card.

Today do not fear your own light

This will only feed the consciousness of lack that comes from seeking hope outside of yourself

Find your faith within your journey

See yourself

May we all real-eyes our power and manifest the source of our own illumination with ease and grace.

In deepest munay



Do you have the power to heal?


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