Daily guidance

“Grace is but glory begun, and glory is but grace perfected”

Jonathan Edwards

I have a whole day off today

Meaning I actually have an opportunity to be completely on!

Not with lists of things to do but chances to be

Meaning more will actually get done!

Mastering manifestation takes the grace to flow not surrender or fight it but to actuality be inspired by it

By ourselves

Our own Souls vibration within and external reflection.

This morning I decided to work with the Angel of Atlantis

From a reaction

I had felt out of the energy


Addressing this, shuffling the cards, receiving to be in the deep peace and acceptance of who I am, what I currently feel and the nature around me, I randomly selected from behind Gabriel, inspiration.

Tuning into the unknown image sensing a large rainbow coming out of my third eye, lord Ganesh appeared from a stunning teal orb in my vision.

Asking for a message regarding my own worth and obstacles I heard ” just know they are being removed”

The card was Zadkiel, security.

Today connect to the flow of universe within each breath.

Be influenced by the Divine in every moment

From here allow stillness to facilitate creative ideas to merge with your subconscious

Return to the “self cure” wellbeing of source, who you are and always have been.

May we all find the stability of worth within this true emotional centre.

In deepest munay



Need inspiration?


May be an image of text

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