Daily guidance

“True loyalty is that quality of service that grows under adversity and expands in defeat.

Any street urchin can shout applause in victory, but it takes character to stand fast in defeat.

One is noise, the other loyalty”

Fielding H Yost

Good morning World!

It wasn’t when I woke!

Tired from trying to cancel a “word” programme last night and my cat calling at 3.33 I have been awake for some time.

Initially agitated, disrupted, sore.

Taking this gift of time to be in Sacrd Space I have breathed, moved, flowed.

Using my crystal singing bowls I have prayed, for so many, sounding out the words to be heard.

Tuning into my own body, i felt how hard it had worked this week.

Going above and beyond my expectations

Without any complaint

It deserved the same returned

Which I did through a short reflexology treatment

Noticing the blockages in my back, adrenals and disrupted womb cycles I realised I had also neglected my inner child.

As a result I hadn’t had my smoothies or drunk as much water

Acknowledging this in meditation with my salka, my wild innocence, nothing else was needed just for my own magic to be seen and heard by myself.

As a result I downloaded several new ideas for the Six months to come

Shuffling the Tarot, finding myself having to sit bolt upright aware my posture has and continues to change, I selected randomly from behind the Queen of Cups, a card that refused to go back in the pack.

Demanded to be seen

Tuning into this unknown image as my dog came to lie by my side, I heard the words “loyalty and service”

Trying to decipher a message I visualised the Seven of Swords

Knowing this information was to be felt by emotions not analysed I placed the card on my heart as guided

Seeing myself carry the World on my back I became overwhelmed by a humbling strength within.

Opening to to a profound sense of recognition and love, flowing into my chest I heard ” allow your loyalty and service to be returned”

The image was Justice

Today embody your own flow

Trust in what you give out and recieve

The Universe is here to serve you as you do it

Open to this, release the noise of doubt.

May we all reflect the power of ayni, reciprocity, the wild magic that has always been within the innate waters of all we create.

In deepest munay



The cost of loyalty


May be an image of 1 person and text

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