Daily guidance

“Make your intention clear, the Universe does not respond well to uncertainty”

Joe Duncan

Not always easy

Especially when plans or outcomes change

But this in itself gives us a wonderful opportunity to fine tune our intentions

To see if they have occurred

If we have supported them

To take responsibility as the guardians of what we are manifesting for the honour it is

I find personally this is often overlooked

When something occurs swiftly it’s “real” magick

If it takes time there must be something out of alignment, normally ourselves, and along comes the doubt of our intention, connection and ultimately worth

I woke today at 5am, cleared through, created Sacred space in preparation for an awakened belly dance session.

I got the time wrong!

Undecided, knocked at my inconvenience, I made space for my intention.

Despite the timing changing the plan hadn’t

To be with my body

Give my energy chance to move, be heard, heal

To awaken

Deciding against watching old videos, performing moves from a year ago, instead I stretched.

Using colour and sound

Allowing myself the extra connection I have been planning for sometime

Shuffling the Tarot, a set given to me, I couldn’t help but feel some where missing.

Selecting, randomly, from behind the Seven of cups I recieved ” because it needs to come from you”

The unknown image was the Ace of Cups reversed

Today remember what it is you wish to manifest

See it and yourself in the Sacredness deserved

Release any inner,-tension that causes uncertainty

May we all remember the sanctity of magick and in turn re commit to ourselves and place here as Co creators.

In deepest munay



Do you believe in magick?


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