Daily guidance

Nourishing daily rituals to cultivate clarity, inner wisdom and inspired action”

Jo Chunyan

The way I communicate is and will be changing

In truth I have felt it for some time but have had to clear old patterns

Old seeds

Rotten fruit from my Ancestral tree

I don’t just mean the new apple iPhone I am sending back!

Yesterday I could feel this shift collectively

In regard to Sacred wisdom and how well we protect this in our ability to shed, shine, share and surrender to the light of who we are

In fact the weekly report is currently only available on You Tube (link in comments) as it is 1.11 too long for Instagram

There’s great emphasis on that this week.

Our demand for instantaneous answers, responses, shifts, communication

But these ” instant grams” can only be available to those willing to subscribe to regular healing, advice, assistance from our own reflection.

To recieve regular “report-ins” in order to truly get the message

Wisdom is Sacred

As channels of this experience so too are we

Without this recognition all communication is merely gossip and opinions with ourselves and each other often led by the ego

Shuffling the Tarot this morning, held in a deep void like vibration, mind racing at the increased potential available at present, I randomly ironically selected from behind the Five of Swords

Tuning into the unknown image in my hands, eyes drawn to the above quote on my intuition journal, I recieved “an affirmation to now live by”

The card was the Eight of Wands, underneath which sat The High Priestess

Today give honour to the answers you seek

Relate to them and their need within you

Tune into the Sacred communication available in this respectful relationship

May we all nourish our inner- tuition and become the clarity we seek

In deepest munay



What answers do you seek?


May be an image of 1 person and text

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