Monday’s musings

This week’s Monday’s musings ( see below) is, like the energy we will face, better late than never!

“Emergency” changes/ needs will help us to address our current routine and take it up a notch!

These are necessary reactions in regard to our health on all levels.

We are being asked to recognise our own sphere of practice, seek any aid needed as it is this realisation that will encourage our own growth.

If we allow ourselves to receive the gifts that have come from commitment and work we have done in our own evolution- we WILL be opened up to what is required for the next level.

This is growth, avoiding it doesn’t mean it won’t happen, just that the journey will hold no joy or feel out of our control

It’s time to expand, to release any illusions with ourselves, and we couldn’t be better supported by the Planets.

This week we see a rare occurrence in the sky with Neptune, Jupiter and Pisces bringing forward many aspects we may have put on the “back burner” to be seen- as we are now stronger and can hold space for this expansion in our awareness.

Can we look at our own ego states

Assess our mental energy

Observe the faith we have in our own Soul and spirituality

Nurture, embrace and act on this life force creativity

It’s time to recognise intuition for the emotional light language and information it is, within us, directly, a higher self-intelligence!

From here we can share unashamedly what we offer and find who we are reflected in this.

Self-mastery is key in regard to what and how we create this week, through the acknowledgement of where we actually are and what we actually want.

Are we able let go of the safety of old patterns and grow in the obvious support from the Universe

Can we look at how we communicate with ourselves and “hold it together”

Are we ready to see what is actually important to us

Do we know what abundance is on a Soul level

Are we ready to align to this

May we all allow joy and love to be the theme of expansion this week in time for the Libra full moon and may this light-hearted Christ consciousness within us all be the essence of Soul we have been “wait-in” for to truly see the miracle we all are.

In deepest munay



What prize are you focused on?

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