Daily guidance

” Miracles happen every day. Change your perception of what a miracle is and you will see them all around you”

Jon Bon Jovi

I don’t smoke!

It’s a bloody miracle!

Nine weeks on and I have stopped any replacement therapy early (minus the odd empty inhalator when I need to pause and breath from habit)

Not only that

I don’t eat meat

Drink once a year if that

Meditate twice daily

Have removed gluten, dairy and even toxins from the cleaning products I use

I am a walking miracle

Not because of the above but the impact this commitment has had on my life

Less than three years ago I couldn’t get out of bed before lunchtime, could barely walk, breathe, or maintain any will to live.

No one knew of course but myself

But the constant pain, anxiety, and fear destroyed my health on every level

Now, having cleaned up, completed my fogalates (a self prescribed mixture of fibrimyalgia adapted yoga and pilates!) drank my celery juice and walked my dog in a mindful meditation with the sunrise even I am impressed.

It takes a lot sometimes to truly see how far we have come

To give ourselves credit

In this space this morning shuffling the Tarot, visualising an old school postman delivering long awaited news I randomly selected from behind Justice.

Tuning into the unknown image in my hands I found myself as a child in a grand hotel.

With so many doors I paused in front of a piece of life sized art

Swirls and infinity symbols moving

Watching it form into a mirror, my own adult reflection portraying DNA patterns within and around me I recieved “you need to see the changes that have occurred for others to happen”

The card was the Six of Cups

Today know that your being here, now, in this moment is actually a miracle

A chance of billions to one

Constantly changing and evolving as needed to continue to do so!

May we use this information wisely in all we see and do by aligning to this truth within, and adjusting accordingly to what is now being asked of us to maintain this balance.

In munay



What miracles afre you looking for?


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