Daily guidance

“The ability to be in the present moment is a major component of mental wellness”

Abraham Maslow

So why do we avoid it?




The reptilian mind

Fight or flight

There are a million reasons all of which come from one major aspect


Something that has or is occuring to make us not want to be in the moment.

Which in turn leads to anxiety, increased responses like above and ultimately prolongs the very thing we are trying to avoid!

It is a familiar experience I often find when healing those in great pain.

Today this meant myself

Thankfully I know, to ease my own trauma takes movement of energy

This morning this included cleaning and clearing my home and gardening.

Has it relieved the pain, no.

But my mindset during the mundane chores has improved from allowing my body to naturally shift the vibration without having to sit in it or over analyse.

Presence is different for everyone, it doesn’t always mean silence, meditation for hours or being in uncontrollable agony while smiling!

Especially in scenarios that raise pain, anxiety, trauma.

In fact this can often leave us feeling trapped within the body.

To be in the moment, helps us understand what our physical vessel needs to provide support, flow and a return to balance.

To heal, something the human body, knows how to do naturally.

Sitting down tonight, feeling restored I shuffled the Tarot.

Removing the Ten of Pentacles from the box, ironically the card I am journeying with, I could feel a sense of transition as I ironically randomly selected from behind the Six of Swords

Tuning into the unknown image, amazed that the blaring TV, my husbands phone and noises around me didn’t affect my ability to tune in, I felt my body twisted

I knew this energy of Swords

Felt a familiar trapping sensation and found myself expanding my energy beyond it all

Asking for a message I saw a rose expand and heard ” open up to what’s for you and ignore the rest”

The card was the Eight of Swords, beneath which sat the Seven of Wands

Today and everyday be present in your body

Your Soul’s vessel

Here all answers are available

From this Sacred Union may we all harvest change for the freedom it brings

In deepest munay



What “present” can you gift your own healing?


May be an image of text

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