Monday’s musings

Welcome to monday’s musings ( see video below)

An ongoing project that has finally named itself and decided what is now needed of me!

Authentic Co-creation!

Like us all this week, it is time to call things for what they are through our actions, to be the metaphorical “proof in the pudding” so to speak.

So first let me address an obvious mistake on my part, the symbol mentioned is Jupiter of course, expansion and yet my intuition stated Saturn

An insight within the guidance, that our enduring journey is the key to a much-needed time of  growth within this 4.4 portal.

Can we let go, with humility of what isn’t relevant including aspects of ourselves ( I am no astrologer,) and get to the point behind what we feel, can and will this be enough.

We are what we become

Are we ready to walk our talk

Embody the change we are trying to achieve

Can we stand in our own Divine strength by gifting the prescence required to embrace our own Sacred inner sights

Many mental structures are about to be “burst”

Necessary ruptures of emotional waters to aid the truth of our own reflection to be delivered

Can we listen harder ( theres a reason this video is quieter!)

Communicate clearer

Look at what is Infront of us

Balance our emotional intelligence

Celebrate where we are

Know what is being asked of us

If we can re-cognise we are what we have been looking for and decide how we wish to portray this, we become the answer to our own questions

May we all be open to the wisdom available from our physical vessels and share this know-in through the commitment of our own responsive actions.

In deepest munay



Where do you need clarity?

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