Daily guidance

The less routine the more life

Amos Branson Alcott

Where was this quote years ago!

I could have explained and rationalised my whole being in one sentence!

Only now when I no longer “need it” to justify myself does it arrive!


What it means to live.

Different for us all.

Ever changing

Yet within the current, a flow.

A routine!


This morning I felt myself dying, again, up and down, it was my daily routine that brought progression.

The old me so desperate to hold on, to all I am, all I do, to validate my place here.

It didn’t work

There was a huge hole, that in truth has been there since the passing of my mother.

It frightened me

This portal within my Leo self

Not from its “roarness”

But the silence

Everything had changed, yet around me all remained the same.

What was waiting beyond this.

Who was this person now

Without the prescence of the very Soul that had given her life

There is something very surreal about the death of a mother

Our creator

As the child of that energy everything changes

Everything dies

To be reborn or matured

To grow, we require more

Yet today everything that had fed me was no longer enough

I didn’t like this feelingIt demanded expansion from everything, but in reality myself, by letting go.

Something we all say we do yet often return back to

Going into meditation, yearning for this gap to be filled with what was missing, I no longer wanted to walk the realms of grief.

What was and what is now

I was ready to walk through to the next gate.

The World around me lacked lustre

No matter how much I tried to “make it”

So instead I stopped, this was no longer my reality.

Holding space for the tears to flow

Memories of my mother holding me, the only thing I needed.

I reconnected to my creator

To myself

Knowing this deep-rest was essential, visualising a mountain before me I shuffled the Oshos Zen TarotSelecting from between receptivity and success

I tuned into the unknown image.

Feeling the energy expand around my head I heard the song all you need is love.

It wasn’t enough

Expanding further I recieved the music to broken wingsIt wasn’t enough

Hearing the birds sing outside, recalling a caged parrot in a garden centre, I had refused to buy, believing to keep him locked up would be cruel I heard ” so why do this to yourself”

Feeling my root and third eye expand into one circle I went deep into the silence as I recieved “listen”

Deciding to ask the card directly for a message I heard ” just ask directly!”

The image was maturity reversed

Today embrace any lows for what they are, a chance to release what was and recieve the growth needed to move forward.

Forget the self as you listen to the stillness of the Divine Feminine within, ask her directly what you need to grow.

Remove duty, thought of merit, fear of loneliness or desire to be-long and utilise the sensitivity, intuition and compassion needed to dissolve obstacles

if things don’t resonate they aren’t applicable, release your own chains, be it logic, reasons or stories, for what they are, holding you back.

I pray we return to the only routine that matters, connection to ourselves, each other, and creator for the success of all may this maturity of true freedom be recieved in all we do.

In munay


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