Daily guidance

The wise try to adjust themselves to the truth while fools try to adjust the truth to themselves.



Gotta love self awareness right

The truth behind your own wisdom

But do you accept yourself and in turn others unconditionally

Or find reason, logic, rationale to make them and in turn your own painful truth more palatable

I’m renown for quoting “it is what it is”

Something that used to grate my Mum but that gave me the strength to keep going

But the truth is, even this sentence wasn’t always lived within me and often became a reason to placate my heart

It wasn’t acceptance but an adaption to my surroundings

Because the truth was just too painful

This morning, having spoke about bleeding heart plants and despacho for a greater vision of light, with a heavy chest I went into meditation.

The familiar pain of not listening to my own hurt and the Medicine behind its truth, that this all had to stop.

Deciding not to shuffle the Tarot, selecting the “obvious” card stood bolt upright from behind the King of Pentacles, I tuned in without looking, hearing the song “friends will be friends” by Freddie Mercury.

Feeling a deep sensation regarding “why I bother” my eyes were drawn to a peace lily on my fireplace.

“The red emotion”

Asking for a message I recieved ” have peace with what you know only then will things change”

I didn’t see an internal image instead I was guided to focus on what was infront of me.

The card, bearing a flame identical to the lilly, was the Ace of Wands, beneath which again sat The Sun

This weeks energy video suggests the courage to see things at face value

A time of great pain to be felt in this truth✨With the promise of immense healing of the Masculine for the lionsgate new moon.

It’s “roar”

Stay grounded in this, hold space for the root emotion to rise.

Only then will the light of a more expanded vision return.

I pray we all accept what is occurring in order to change who we are not those who have shown us this truth, with peace and gratitude for thier teachings.

In munay


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