Weekly readings

Week commencing the 12th of April 2021

This week look at the fifth element.

Yourself as source

The Higher Perspective

Go back to basics:

What you give out you will recieve

In order to move forward we must truly release the past

Connect to who you are and the light within to guide you, don’t be distracted by feeding into old patterns.

Practice what you “preach” on a deeper level

This weeks video comes in three parts.

Seperation, and unity being the main theme it took three pauses to experience each much like life.

The Holy trinity

Feminine, Masculine, united

A chance to grow up with our own emotional intelligence to see our triggers as an ultimate spark of creation once we have established our own wounds in relation to them.

With the potential to carry forward the flow and structure we have established over the “PAN-demic” leading into the year of the Lovers the second half 2021 suggests a need to look at our own chains.

Our beliefs, patterns, mindsets- are they truly untied in their union

Self awareness is key

Do we still require upheaval in order to change

Don’t forget the greater Environment when reaching for what we think we want this week or risk burning relationships, intuition and the way we think about our own Divine existence.

Sit back and let things unfold whilst looking at how well you are holding space for the New reality to be born.

Remember duality can be a necessary step of a united journey, ultimately all paths lead home to the self.

It is this that will be placed under the spotlight this week!

Are you ready to see your own reflection

Compassion, forgiveness and love are essential for all, yourself included.

Look at beliefs regarding outside control and turn this illusion on it’s head.

You are the Source of what you are creating.

The truth doesn’t need defending, it just is!

It’s time to get on with what you are being asked to do rather than waste energy through distraction and feeding of the fire you are trying put out!

This is a year of integration, Union comes from within.

Until next week

In Munay



Decks used are the lights seer tarot by Chris Anne Donnelly and Osho Zen Tarot by Osho

The book mentioned is waking the tiger healing trauma by Peter Levine

Daily guidance can be found in our facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/200334081120129

Services remain by donation and can be found here:https://kirstydignam.co.uk/services/

All contributions are gratefully recieved: https://paypal.me/Soulmidwife?locale.x=en_GB

Week commencing the 5 th of April 2021

This week it appears time to truly see ourselves in the transparent raw vulnerable shifts that have occured to love and embrace our own wisdom.

We are all here to share a message

By embracing the beauty of the human condition for the kaleidoscpe of hues and colours it holds we are we bring our visions to life!

Stepping into the hollow bones we came here to be, the conduit for the Divine.

Empty all tenses leading up to the New Moon including past, future and physical to release inner- tension!

Take only that needed to grow including your own lessons.

Enjoy the pauses for the re-calibrations they are allowing transparency to occur and truth to be seen.

See past the judgement of vulnerability to the sheer beauty of your raw reality.

Look at the beliefs being guarded to align with the evolution that has occured.

Breathe in the world you wish to create.

Connect to your own higher energies, to see the bigger picture expand your own vision of yourself!

Now is the time of the collective collaboration, be the beacon for your own tribe.

Dive into your own beliefs regarding balance, the why and how and indeed necessity… or not!

Walk your mind’s journey, the path of the Soul- both from a transformed heart of unconditional love that needs no permission but acceptance.

Until next time

In munay

Cards used are the Transparent Tarot by Emily Carding

Daily guidance can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/20033…

Services remain by donation and can be found here:https://kirstydignam.co.uk/services/

All contributions are gratefully recieved here:https://paypal.me/Soulmidwife?locale.

Weekly reading 29th March 2021

Quick clearing energy available this week!

An oppurtunity to look at what we are relying on- is it helping or hindering our collective growth?

* Do your bit! *

Look at what you are opening up to, are you reaping the rewards of all you have invested in?

* It’s time to draw the line with the support of the Libra justice Full moon with yourself first and foremost

*Have a sense of how you want to see the world -is this happening in your own re-actions?

* Embrace who you truly are- to become who you are inspiring to be

* Listen to what you need in order to grow without judgement and hold space for the shifts within you

* Look at the view of your own relevance in this life

* Ensure your inner environment holds the key to freedom!

* Support the discomfort of breaking through the seeds you have planted

* Balance as always is key- take response-ability for you re- actions, repetition without prescence causes just that!

* Nurture your emotional intelligence

* What you release now will become the seeds of the latter part of this years growth- THAT is re- birth

* See defensiveness for the bubble you are living in!

* Invest in your potential through structured routine in order to avoid a traumatic deliverence in April

* Flow and create with your own divine essence

* Examine what you are reading IN to and its impact on your emotional drive

Until next time

As always in deepest munay


Weekly reading for the 22nd March 2021

Hello Temperance!

Better late than never- this week we are being gifted an opportunity to move forward by dipping our toes back, into our own bodies and the ancient wisdom they hold.

The potential to look at what we want and why we want it in order to truly unite our masculine and feminine in Sacred Union.

This week:

Set intentions

Do what you can in each moment


Learn your own rhythm by navigating the inner void

Block out the out- sided noises

Be aware of your breathing

Tread lightly All is preparing us for the Lovers next year in 2022 a shift to our core regarding what we are buying into through our own perceptions of the world we hold in our own hands.

Listen to your vision Learn from your inner-tuition

Release the pressure that comes from doubt and or judgement

This week holds the process for deep healing, connecting the Spirit and body through our actions or rather re- actions in regard to the emotional Divine Feminine within and around us.

Release the need to overcomplicate your experiences, feel to heal, have confidence in your energy in motion and finally be-come comfortable in who you truly are and your place here.

Until next time daily guidance can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/20033…

Services will recommence in April for which I am taking bookings now, here: https://kirstydignam.co.uk/services/

All offerings are by donation and continue to be grateful received here: https://paypal.me/Soulmidwife?locale….

In deepest munay


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