With my eternal gratitude.

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth”

Muhammed Ali

To all who have taken me on your healing Journey, it was an honour, thank you, thank you, thank you.


“Kirsty is so beautifully nurturing that you are almost surprised when that ‘’aha’ moment finally arrives.
The Healing continued for long after the session ended and I felt wonderfully eased, released from so many ‘dead ends’ that the way forward seemed so very much brighter. I highly recommend a session (or three) with Kirsty for anyone seeking healing or spiritual advice.
Thank you, Kirsty.”

Susan- Australia

” Had an amazing experience with Kirsty, would highly recommend what she does. I felt completely at ease and it’s really helped me release some of my anxiety. Loved the whole experience and what it has done for me, will most definitely keep going back!” �

Lisa K

“Today I had a wonderful reading and healing session, with Kirsty, over FT. She passed on so much spiritual guidance and was so accurate about my journey so far. She knew where I was stuck and helped me fine practical steps to move forward.
I’ve written lots of notes because there was so much that I knew I would need to refer to it again.
I started our session wondering where I am going and ended it thinking I have a much clearer overview of where I have been, and why, and what my purpose is.
Thank you, Kirsty. Delivered without ego or pretension: just the authentic, loveable you x
Kirsty gave my mare the most wonderful healings. She benefited so much and I connected at a much deeper level with her.
The healings were not rushed or forced and so much was gained for myself and my horse. Plus Kirsty is such a lovely woman, you can’t help but love her!”

Lisa R

“A truly gifted healer, Kirsty has a very strong connection to Spirit, is highly intuitive and full of love and compassion for both the animal and the owner. She is so gentle in her healing but with a powerful inner strength which is both nurturing and stabilising. My horse loves his healings with her, she has such calming energy he goes into a deep state of relaxation, and of course, he’s able to tell her things such as not liking his pink headcollar! Well, I think I knew that lol, but I love her accuracy and her ability to communicate things that I really need to know, such as not being happy with his new saddle and she was absolutely right! When she’d conveyed this to me I’d never met her before and she didn’t know a thing about me! Very impressive and I would recommend her to anyone.”


“I thought I would never meet anyone quite like her again, healers are so hard to find and yet they do so much good Kirsty has reminded me where I have come from and what I have ignored for many years, my horse Tillie is a rescued and very miss trusting to others but now Tillie never leaves my side and she loves being with me, Kirsty is an amazing person and if u ever get the chance to meet her I would Tillie and I have changed so much for the better because of her Kirsty has helped me remember to think outside of the box and to remember where I have come from witch, in turn, has helped me with Tillie, thanks again for everything xx”


“Kirsty gave my mare a healing, I’ve never seen her so relaxed! It benefited both her and me and I would recommend her to everyone.”


“Kirsty has created a beautiful and sacred space for healing. During my first session with her, I managed to finally release something that has caused me a huge amount of emotional pain for almost 15 years, in spite of much personal work already having been undertaken. I genuinely don’t know whether Kirsty knows how good she is. However, what I do know is that if you don’t experience a session with her yourself, then you will never know how much less of an energetic burden you could carry around with you on your journey in this lifetime. You owe it to yourself to experience Kirsty’s brand of healing at least once. You won’t regret it ❤️”


“I love going to Kirsty she works magic and I am so grateful to have experienced the growth I have with her help.”

Louise A

” Kirsty just has a way of seeing you as you truly are. The healing I experienced was beautiful. I feel like the pieces of me have been placed back together. Thank you Kirsty xxxx”


I cannot praise Kirsty enough! She was absolutely wonderful and I had an amazing experience. Felt so totally relaxed after the treatment. Just need to follow the action plan now!”

Susan M

“Visiting Kirsty in her lovely therapy room was a really positive and overall relaxing experience. I definitely recommend seeing Kirsty for a truly personal holistic experience.

“The therapy brought out difficult emotions I had been unconsciously suppressing, I feel calmer, able to concentrate and deal with difficult situations”


“During the forks, I felt very relaxed, comfortable, like it was meant to be, since my sessions I have developed new ways of dealing with my stress and anger. Never thought or believed any of this but it actually does work and helps in so many way’s…..you’ll be surprised…..Thank you Kirsty x”


“The treatment was wonderful, I felt very relaxed, it wasn’t until the following day I realised there wasn’t any pain in my hand! I feel very balanced and grounded, I saw such vibrant colours, and all I can say is WOW- thank you I had a series of treatments and felt fabulous afterward. I achieved pain relief as well as emotional wellness. I thoroughly recommend this treatment 😃”

“My sciatica hasn’t reappeared; I feel good and am thinking about going back to college”

“The reading and healing gave me the time to look outside of my life, realising it was up to me. I had the strength to do what I needed. I have since had another baby and grown in more ways than I could have imagined.”


“After my sessions, I feel more relaxed, able to stand up more for what I want, say what I need, confident about who I am.”

“I feel I’ve let go of a lot of bad energy, I feel happy and positive about things.”

“The room was calm, quiet and relaxing. The procedure was explained clearly and all of my questions answered. I was able to communicate with my inner self and help myself from within. Overall I was very impressed with my experience, it has helped me in many ways and has improved my quality of life, I am also now cigarette free!”
Lisa F.

“Well what can I say, amazing, I love the way Kirsty works with physical and spiritual energy. I came away feeling like myself again. Others have noticed a change, describing it as a healthy glow. Kristy’s work is out of this world!”

“Very unusual experience, lots of colours and shapes, felt like I had an out-of-body experience after felt more calm, feeling of connection, a sense of belonging. Fear and anxiety are gone, positive about the future.”

“I had a good night’s sleep, the first for a long time. My mind has been clear and not in turmoil. Tinnitus reduced in frequency. It has left me calmer and less stressed.

“I felt very relaxed; I felt the different forks made different colours come to mind. I enjoyed my experience with the forks and healing.”

“On arrival, Kirsty explained the whole process, made me feel relaxed from the offset. I found the sound therapy extremely relaxing and very powerful at times. Kristy’s mannerism approach and overall attitude made this unique experience mind-blowing and has really changed my outlook. I normally struggle with sleep, but since the sound therapy I have slept like a log.”

“Kirsty made me feel very welcome. I felt very relaxed during the session. I did feel very loved and highly recommend Kirsty for her work with the forks.”

“When I was introduced to Kirsty I felt very lost and guarded. After 3 angelic fork sessions, I feel reconnected with myself, positive, confident and happy, finally able to let my hair down without over analysing, I also feel very open to love.”

Kirsty put m at ease and I got to really think about my goals during the assessment. During the angelic forks, Kirsty ensured I felt comfortable and safe at all times and non-judged. I felt so uplifted and creative. Working with Kirsty has been an amazing experience. I have grown immensely, I can see real shifts in me since my sessions, standing in my own power, Kirsty met me where I am at. She has shown me unconditional love and I am looking forward to being the woman I want to be and exploring me and my soul.”
Louise J

“Kirsty was very welcoming; I found her room very relaxing. Kirsty informed me throughout my session, focussing on chakra alignment we were able to get to the root of some problems. I felt able to talk freely with Kirsty, very enlightening, great experience of peace, calm and grounding.”

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