Simply Eve

Bespoke Jewellery, hand made, from the love of the Great Mother

How it all began….

It is with deepest respect and munay (love) I welcome you to our page

A Sacred Space to nurture the creations of bespoke, handmade, jewellery, the “fruits” of our labour with the promise of much more to come.

We are a family run business with a twist

Orignating from the mother, the first woman, Pachamama and my own blood.


This united venture to craft talismans for balance and holistic wellbeing begun many decades ago.

With both my mother and I taking seperate yet united paths towards the arrival of this Eden.

My own has included working alongside the “stone people” and healing energies within the Shamanic field

It wasn’t until our physical seperation this year that “Simply Eve” has been gifted this, a true oppurtunity to be re-born.



Over the next few months you will have the honour of witnessing the relationship we share, in the items birthed.

With myself as the creator and the energetic guidance of my mother, now in the Spirit realm.

Our work will continue to be soul centered as I craft “her” legacy literally into stone.

The Divine Feminine

Pachamama the original Earth Mother.

My friend.

My be-loved.

My Soul mate

My creator.

Channeling her nurture, care, and wisdom, alongside the original story of Eve which was and still is “simply” unconditional love.



A rose of dedication that will bloom forever more in the creations we will now deliver together

May you enjoy our garden and find your own eternal flower-in



Do you ever feel as if the whole Universe is within you trying to create?

At simply Eve we have had just that over the last few weeks.

Starting with a small “spark” what followed became the Astrology collection we are delighted to birth for you now.

Discovering our metal work skills we have utilised multi coloured quartz

.Not only for their delicious “sparkle” Being a master crystal, much like ourselves, these stone people contain all within them to restore balance, harmony, healing and transmutation of all energies.

In their simplest form.

Like us they are from the stars, compressed within the belly of Pachamama and delivered through extreme pressure.

A journey we most definately encountered during their creation!

Working alongside the powerful symbolic light language of each zodiac we soon found our own “kinks” in relation to the journey we were on!

The mothers embrace, my own Venus in Cancer, created with ease and flow but Pisces, being my own node was born twice the first time small and unnoticeable in comparison to the others.

The shift of energy was felt during this and recognition in my own birth chart!

The adventure of self discovery continued throughout the process and we urge you to look at each symbol to see if anything rises within you to be felt or seen- interpretations and placements can be found with ease online for free.

When it came to earrings, like Astrology, no one size fitted all.

Therefore we created with colour leaving the guardians an oppurtunity to mix and match or address various aspects of their chart, for example my own Leo sun would be yellow but my Virgo moon green.

We were guided to deliver three bracelets.

The trinity.Mind, body and Soul, all things encompassed here on Pachamama.

They each, like us, are held together with magnetic foces ( clasps) bending and moulding to fit!

Every piece incorporates symbolism, crystal healing and of course our Star nation brothers and sisters.

All made with the movement of creation, they all flow in their own unique way!

Be it the scales beneath libra, the tails of Pisces or the very stars around each planet on the bracelets and earrings.

(Therefore, the Virgo in me, must mention that due to being made from metals such as silver and titanium, with moving parts, we do not recommend their guardians be children, and that great care be taken when worn- as if you are holding the You-niverse!)

Every item gifted us its own quirky message within it’s design, much like ourselves!

Capricorn, being the Devil in the Tarot has many links to wear either at different angles or by tieing them all together and reminds us that at times the very chains we fight are what brings grounding.

Leo, delivered with such ease and patience until the infinty symbol was created, suggesting a true Lion knows it is in the pride of incorporating others true Sovereignity resides.

We could discuss these beauties all day for they have so many messages to pass on, but we are interested in seeing what they may say to you as they encourage the light within our own astrological linneage to be felt and seen.

If you are interested in becoming the keeper of any of these “stars” please contact us or join our Facebook page or on our Etsy page

In deepest munay


I’ve bitten the bullet so to speak.

Finally putting time aside to be with mum and look at this jewellery thing.

I have no idea!

Thank goodness the stone people are so chatty

What do you think?

Bronzite, mother of pearl, baltic yellow Amber, obsidian, jasper, tigers eye.

Golden haematite, smokey quartz all with bronze coated metals.

Now charging with “chiron” my guardian of all things crystal

Tomorrow they will recieve thier smudging, sound bath and programming when I will discover more regarding thier purpose.

So far they tell me they are to ground in change especially for healers by aligning the heart to Pachamama and the ancient wisdom found within the individuals own connection to the Great Mother. Exciting times.

I might just carry on for a bit!

What an element to work with!
I have found creating particularly difficult with this essence.
Pieces whose gemstones have no names but do include coral, mother of pearl, blue and clear quartz, blue agate, lapis lazuli, sodalite and jade.
With no order (difficult for someone when OCD!)
fastenings I have never used and am in truth doubting.
Wire work.
Being educated in how the jewellery moves, macrame, making fastenings and hooks, all self taught… kinda (thanks Eve Ward)
Practice doesn’t make perfect, it highlights it in all aspects of each moment as one.
Like water
All things but held to nothing.
Chaotic creation, takes some strength.

To embody water and yet that’s what we do, being mainly this and space, from here we came here we return.
Humbled in today’s teachings, imperfections and just how far the “see”level is for me, much to be discovered on the horizon.
In munay

Now these have been gifted
I’m delighted to share a peas in a pod collection made recently,
I had no idea what was being asked of me and handed over thier birth, acting merely as thier midwife and witness.
Silver and Ruby zoisite, jade, quartz and emeralds, forming into a key chain, necklace, earrings and bracelet.
Ironically, despite the stones picking themselves they are the perfect medicine for the individual currently and also her birthstone!
Loving the language of the stone people right now, so much wisdom for those willing to listen.
They remember who they are and where they came from.
It is this connection that facilitate thier incredible wisdom and healing properties, and the very thing they wish for us, thier relatives.
After all are we all not peas in the pod of Pachamama
In munay

Never underestimate the power of purity and simplicity!
Today I have been working, alongside my mum, to create some jewellery for my nieces birthday.
We were to work with unicorns, this was all I knew.
Naturally and naively assuming I would use rose quartz, listen to tinkling bells and make stretchy child like bracelets, I couldnt have been further from the truth.
The energy coming in was intense.
Requiring great grounding on my part to channel it and deep silence.
With guidance ( thank you Eve Ward) the following beauties were created.
Utilising gold wire, fittings and clasps, amber, carnelion, agate, citrine, quartz, jasper, haematite and jade, it appears not only have I been underestimating the power of my own neice, but the inner wild of innocence!
So very blessed to recieve such wisdom and creativity through the stone people.
With deepest respect
In munay
#stonepeople #jewellery #handmade #crystals #crystalhealing

What ideas are resurfacing for you at the moment?

How can you benefit from re-cycling

We have a Full moon in Aquarius, the first of two… the phrase once in a blue moon feels incredibly apt right now.

A chance to find the root of all that will blossom from now until next year.

What will you plant?

At Simply Eve we have taken “old stock” of where we are and recreated with what we have infront of us!

Here are some beauties re-born alongside handmade pieces to embrace the most fruitful things to wear in life:






May it be so for us all

In munay


One of the things we love at Simply Eve is to create for the individual.

The joy that comes from building a relationship to that person’s journey and energy, alongside the stone people, to birth a “peace” that will not only highlight their unique beauty but tell of thier story.

These glorious relations are a wonderful example and have finally arrived all the way across the water.

Through the eternal body that seperates yet unites us all.

Love ( and of course a courier!)

They have been in our awareness since this project was delivered, but as with all relationships they have taken time to bloom and become what they needed to be.

The greatest consideration being what to fill the gaps with, what could keep the relationship strong.

What would hold the incredible heart opening expansion of the midwives stone, both green and white malachite, onyx , jade and quartz together.

It needed to be something that would allow movement.




It needed to be our signature, the rose.

The eternal love that would speak to the guardian of these be-loveds on all levels.

I present to you thier deliverence.

Made with the enlightened metals of gold.

Supported by the rose lineage both as handmade spacers and clasps.

Designed to be worn as a stand alone necklace to provide space for all that is held dear and worn already or combined with a versatile vertical or horizontal pendant.

Crafted with the eternal love felt not only from this wonderfuls souls prescence in my life, for which I am eternally gratefull, but of love itself.

The pride felt beyond words, we are so grateful for this oppurtunity and therefore ask if you are feeling called to create something with the stone people please let us know, for it is a true honour to connect and deliver your Soul for all to see.

In deepest respect, beauty and munay’


Are you ready to wear your own “unique peace!”

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