Would you Adam and Eve it?!

“What makes you vulnerable, makes you beauitiful”

Brene Brown


I’m a fixed sign, A Leo sun and Aries ascendant, on the outside I am full to the brim with confidence and passion.

Yet underneath, my lunar underbelly lies the Hermit of my soul. The Virgo effects of imperfection, overthinking, overdoing and self-worth restraints.

Add to this my birth numerology of the lovers or Devil depending on whatever current perspective I am viewing and beyond the mass of communication and connection lies a deep vulnerability.

A need to connect to not only my own inner light, but my physical body, and my Earth mother in order to truly balance all aspects within me including the shame, guilt and fear.

A desire to step with Strength and vision into the Star and Sun that I am free from the chains my own withdrawal causes upon my ability to love.

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