Daily guidance

“May your moccasins cross the threshold of truth and may your trail lead into the beauty beyond”

Mary Summer Rain

I had forgotten this morning how much potential needed my time!

I prefer that now to “having a lot to do!!”

As always I take a moment to seek guidance and compartmentalise to avoid any overwhelm.

This morning it included the following;

Remove anything that didn’t need doing

Empty old leaflets and business cards to make room for the new ones

Prepare my work area

Tippex old plans from my diary

I was then guided to put in place what I had already completed

Naming “my work” ready to hand in at college this week I finally felt free enough to recieve any new inner sights.

Shuffling the Earth warrior Oracle, wondering if my postman would deliver my hose pipe today I heard “what do you need now to water your own garden” as I randomly selected two cards from behind Kantur Yachak, blessings from the sun of Hanan Pacha.

Tuning into the unknown images in my hands, placing them picture to picture I recieved ” come face to face with who you are”

Knowing never to question anything that would now be handed to me, from this moment onwards, including the guidance on the images, I turned over Abuela Medicina, remedy of the Grandmother’s, and Pueo, the guardian of Aumakua.

At which point the skies delivered rain and my post a new book, Spirit song, the introduction of no eyes arrived.

Today trust in what you see even if you can’t express it

Believe in the healing power, genius of Spirit and medicine of the Earth you are born from.

May we all surrender to the gift of who we are In unconditional trust of the path guided by our Soul’s song.

In deepest munay



What is your Soul song?


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