Me, myself and I- and the camera in my face of course!

” A film is a petrified fountain of thought”

Jean Cocteau

Being on the larger screen, albeit my phone, isn’t something I profess to do with any grace, confidence or comfort, but I acknowledge it’s relevance not only within society but to my own ascension.

All life is growth, stretching the boundaries we place upon ourselves and initiating evolution within? So what better than to question everything?

My own restriction the generational curse of old wives’ tales, I have to admit have led me with great curiosity down many paths!

I am acutely aware as my age increases so to do my technological limitations, just one of my many shadow aspects.

Therefore in an attempt to keep up with the change, for fear of finding my already confusing mobile the very beginning of my initiation.

I have included this page of videos.

Sure my impatient teenage son would be proud  ( he forgets I taught him how to walk!)

I am physically adapting to the “New World” alignment of not only being who I am but visible as such.

I’ve included odd snippets that have come through whilst walking, driving, or generally musing this thing we call life.

As suggested I am showing up, being seen and becoming the “game-changer” of my own life!

If you are still here and interested, I won’t assume you have left your laptop unattended, but guide you to further recordings on my Youtube channel!





What part are you playing?

Are you ready to take the leading role?