Simply Eve

Bespoke Jewelry, hand made, from the “fruit” of Pachamama.

How it all began….

It is with deepest respect and munay (love) I welcome you to our page

A Sacred Space to nurture the creations of bespoke, handmade, jewellery, the “fruits” of our labour with the promise of much more to come.

We are a family run business with a twist

.Orignating from the mother, the first woman, Pachamama and my own blood.


This united venture to craft talismans for balance and holistic wellbeing begun many decades ago.

With both my mother and I taking seperate yet united paths towards the arrival of this Eden.

My own has included working alongside the “stone people” and healing energies within the Shamanic field

My mother’s, actual creation of pieces, the last remainders of which you will find in the albums.

It wasn’t until our physical seperation this year that “Simply Eve” has been gifted this, a true oppurtunity to be re-born.



Over the next few months you will have the honour of witnessing the relationship we share, in the items birthed.

With myself as the creator and the energetic guidance of my mother, now in the Spirit realm.

Our work will continue to be soul centered as I craft “her” legacy literally into stone.

The Divine Feminine

Pachamama the original Earth Mother.

My friend.

My be-loved.

My Soul mate

My creator.

Channeling her nurture, care, and wisdom, alongside the original story of Eve which was and still is “simply” unconditional love.



A rose of dedication that will bloom forever more in the creations we will now deliver together

May you enjoy our garden and find your own eternal flower-in


All designs can be found on our eBay page:


Instagram @pachamamaconnection

Happy Easter!

Here at Simply Eve we have treated ourselves to some much needed down time!

Lets face it jewellery looks incredible and can transform our energy but the biggest lesson the stone people teach is how to “just be”

They have for centuries!

Nothing looks as good as peaceful feels right?!So we have taken stock, literally and are enjoying the sun and lighter days.

On that note…We are aiming to get to 100 likes over this weekend and as a little “healthy treat” for all those who like and share our page we are offering a chance to win a beauitiful pair of handmade pierced amethyst earrings.

Throw in an easter or Jewellery related joke, or answer the above one and we will double your chances!

Don’t forget to confirm your entry with a comment or emoji in the comments!

The draw will take place on Monday!

“Good Friday” luck.

*** In view of current limitations regarding shipping this offer is only available in the UK at present***

After spending all day uploading stock at Simply Eve we are proud to announce we now have over 400 auctions with ten percent going to the incredible Rowans hospice!

From made and bought jewellery through to job lots for the crafter including beads, spacers, charms galore!To suit all budgets from a starting price of 99p up to £49

Something for everyone!

All jewellery, far too many pieces for this page, can be found here:

Now for the remaining charms!

At Simply Eve we have spent all day in the beauty of charm(s)!

We have finally uploaded all of our soon to be discontinued stock including handmade and bought jewellery, “job lot” collections of supplies and equipment and more charm than any one person can wear (or not) and are finally ready for the next stage, creation!

Until then we would like to wish you all a bouncing sweet filled Easter full of light charm and beauty.

In Munay

Simply Eve

A moment of gratitude

For all the love on our page

From likes, shares, interaction, purchases and feedback

It all really makes a difference knowing our relations are arriving safely to happy guardians and will continue to do so whilst we hold space for them

Thank you for supporting us in so many ways with our long held dream.

In deepest munay

Simply Eve