Daily guidance

“How can you save the World you haven’t seen when you can’t save the community you have seen”

Pete Seeger

In reality I’m not keen on the whole saving principle

But that’s a whole other story or rather a distraction

From the main emphasis

There is so much coming in today regarding focus and transparency

Seeing things for what they are

Illusions, slight of hand, distractions from the bigger picture.

Now that’s not to say they don’t matter

They are a calling towards an action

But many, myself included have been forgetting the later part

It’s time to see how where and more empowering why and what to do about it

To stop holding ourselves back through repetition and acknowledge how that waters down our initial response

Subsequently our higher soul led reaction

Today Shuffling the Transparent Tarot hearing the song one step beyond I could feel the collective obsessive energy as I randomly selected from behind The Emperor

Tuning into the unknown image in my hands I felt the most beautiful download of nurture, warmth, strength, knowing.

The Divine Feminine

Questioning this for a message…(.I know right!) My mind began to race

Calming down the energy going back into the emotion I recieved ” this feeling is the only message”

The card was the Nine of Swords, beneath which sat the Queen of Cups

Placed together, as is the case when aspects are see through,a whole other picture emerged

Today feel into what you know, look at what’s really going on around you with clarity

Know each step, from this truth, no matter how painful, is one behind what is and towards what could be.

May we all make the difference we are here to by releasing the distractions we may have obsessed over

In deepest munay



Where do you need more focus?


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