Daily guidance

” She was like a wild rose, and she could feel the force of nature with bare hands

It made her heart so powerful that even her thorns began to bloom”



I can feel that

Have done all morning

Plant medicine

Their messages are often so very profound for me

More embodied somehow

Physical guides for which I feel so very blessed to connect with

Drawn to work with their insights as a salve almost to today’s tarot reading, I had randomly selected clover, nurture.

Experiencing a deep knowing within this communication I turned over clarity from the wild rose.

So needed!

Today I hadn’t realised just how much I wanted to achieve

Believing I had no plans

I have spent the morning mulling over old stories In a different way

But still the old energies, in relation to my own rose lineage and ability to bloom

With swift realisation I noticed the choice needed


Between the life I have and the one I am ready to step into

Bringing a level of determination and focus I have never known

With myself

My own mindset

Here the letting go required has become a natural process of hope, excitement, balance rather than fear or doubt

So much has shifted since my birthday

Even though I may not know my direction exactly I am daily believing in my ability to reach it more and more as I experience the quickest cycles I have ever known.

Today having selected from behind the Five of Pentacles randomly, I felt myself held inside a boat as I turned into the unknown image in my hands

Secure, safe,no longer needing to question the force that held and guided me I heard ” we’ve got you” as I turned over The Five of Wands underneath which sat The Ten of Swords

Today reconnect to your own inner tuition

Not the lessons

The tests you have passed!

With discipline, tenacity, strong will , clear your focus

Break through any unwanted habits especially any that question the lineage of who you are

May we all care and nurture the inner sight behind our journeys, using this medicine to sustain our ideas and projections

In deepest munay



What are you choosing?



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