Daily guidance

“Inner Stillness is the key to outer strength”

Jared Brock

Today is glorious

The Sun is shining, the birds sing, the bees are buzzing and I feel an overwhelming familiar sense of stillness within the expansive movement around me

It’s magical

Surreal even

With my own Jupiter in Leo this planet going retrograde yesterday has initiated an increased opportunity to go inside, realign and find my, our, own inner compass

Whilst I am aware of everything occuring around me, especially parallel lives, I am, for now at least, finding mysrlf able to this without distraction but ease and grace

I am enjoying it

Witnessing the inner pauses between each soul contraction of evolution.

I would

I’m a Midwife

I recognise their place in creativity, to avoid unnecessary trauma and actually empower us to become more accustomed to the Spiritual stretch now occuring

It’s in these void, moments of potential, our own natural endorphins are released to support the process.

Making it not only less painful but quicker as we relax into what our bodies are capable of delivering

This is birth, transition, change and cliche as it may sound it always, like any healing occurs from the inside out

Eyes drawn to the Sun this morning, I found myself daydreaming, something I haven’t done for a while as I watched mesmerised by a butterfly

Floating from one flower to another, taking only what was needed before moving on I selected today’s card.

Choosing randomly from behind the Eight of Wands I tuned into the unknown image recalling how my neighbour had yesterday “cleared the path”

Visualising the rock monster from the never ending story movie, unable to use his hands because of the darkness I recieved “do not fear the no-thing it will teach you more than you could ever know”

The card was the Seven of Pentacles, beneath which sat Strength

Today take a moment to celebrate your achievements

To reflect, gather resources and harness your power

Set intentions with balance and patience, that will help you embrace your unique talents

May we connect to our inner strength by counting our blessings before demanding more, from here may we all see growth for the beauty it is.


Respecting this Sacred process for ourselves and each other

In deepest munay



What gifts are you ready to deliver?


May be an image of 1 person and text that says "VIII STRENGTH"

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