Daily guidance

” You create your own reality”

Jane Roberts

I’m not going into why this may seem unfair, untrue, or discuss different perspectives

My reality is that this over analysing has taken me away from some deep soul truths

Instead I am focusing on the essence behind my beliefs

The element

This morning I nearly wrote 2020 in my journal, having woke from dreams of Ancestral Healing to videos of reality forming, and downloads of parallel lives, information on metatrons cube the tree of life and existence itself in meditation!

An average day, but also a witnessing with great honor, of my own connection

I have been drawn to retrieve my Heyoka necklace

The Sacred Clown

A talisman I found in a local charity shop

As a symbolic reminder of my own birthday gift

Mastery of the self

Reaching 43, the number we all move into collectively next year alongside the Leo new Moon has brought about many needed realisations

Mainly expansion in regard to the reality I am creating, it’s not wrote on track for my higher self potential

The best way to navigate this?

To connect to any elements out of balance

My own is air, my breath, thoughts, voice and ultimately… beliefs

No surprise as my Mecury, Sun and Jupiter are all in Leo

Having just recieved a new flute and windchime I clearly feel it isn’t what I say but the very vibration behind my expression that wil steer me, us all even, forward next year.

Shuffling the cards this morning, eyes drawn to a dandelion, I thought how wonderful it would be if I selected this medicine, had it mirrored back, as I chose randomly from behind Rowan, protection.

Tuning into the unknown image having blown love into a dandelion wish that landed in front of me, I felt my deepest truth amongst the bees and Butterflies

The World is a beautiful place

Visualising a Japanese female warrior bow with humility as she,I, we laid down our sword I turned over The card.

Which was indeed the reflection I had hoped for

The dandelion, humility.

Today know you create your own reality, through the beliefs you chose to perceive it through

May we all recognise this enduring gift for what it is and appreciate the nutrients of beauty available and as a result our own ability to flourish.

In deepest humility



How can you make this new moon in Leo a dandy one?


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