Daily guidance

“Your worst battle is between what you know and what you feel”



I don’t know who said this quote

But this morning I feel it!

I’ve woken to so many negative, some preventable, patterns around me

All upsetting

None more than the knowing I can not keep letting these aspects affect me

At least not in the way they do

Their impact on my own vibration is devastating

Like dieting all week then bingeing the months calories!

That’s the thing

It is addictive behaviour all round

My own included

A return to what I’ve always done

It needs to stop

I don’t get forceful often but when I do it’s life changing, or rather life giving and this Midwife is putting her “chin down to push!”

This morning Shuffling the Tarot, connecting to the collective energy I randomly selected from behind the King of Cups

Tuning into the unknown image in my hands I had a distinct feeling there was a swifter,cleaner, easier way to deal with today’s energy

Feeling detached, aware of my own mother’s prescence I recieved ” sometimes it’s essential to separate from it all, just get the job done”

Getting emotionally confused, from my racing mind, torn between loyalty for myself and others I knew I held a Sword card in my hand

Hearing “so start with what you know and go from there” I turned over The King of Swords Underneath which sat The Five of Swords

Today observe the patterns around you

The impact they have on your mindset

Own your responses by listening to your emotions

Detach from what no longer serves you, others in the situation and let’s face it the highest good

As my beloved Eve Ward would say “it’s time to pull your big girl pants up!!!”

May we realise the changes needed and put them in place rather than question our ability to do so.

In deepest munay



What do you know?


May be an image of 3 people and book

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