Monday’s musing’s

A wonderful week to pause and breathe ( and perhaps watch the energy reading below

To balance the body

Feel into the Zen energy available when in the zone of our own light!

The Leo vibration is also about play and the courage to let the heart lead us towards our natural state of joy knowing the true understanding of infinite flow and Divine timing.

Now is a time of completion, by bridging where we are and our soul’s potential.

By feeling validated, recognising with respect our own journey and celebrating the rites of passage we have all experienced.

There is a difference between ego and mature authenticity but thats not to say we don’t need our ego!

Just the more matured version now availabe!

Self worth is key

Alongside working with the heart and listening to its “raw”

Here we can decipher what we actually want without being distracted by background noise and take the oppurtunities gifted with excitement and necessary openness.

We are being gifted a week of beauitiful natural synchronicities if we let the heart lead and remain respectful of the transitions occuring

Can we remember who we are?

Despite the New moon in Leo, Lionsgate portal, and end of the Mayan calender the only gateway we are being guided to walk through is the one within.

It is time to shed who we once were.

To give more of ourselves to each other.

By understanding where we are on our current journey we will know what to call in for this New Moon, based on our value and respect of ourselves as the reflection of the World we now live in.

May we all create wisely.

In munay



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