Daily guidance

“It’s not in the stars we hold our destiny but in ourselves”

William Shakespeare

I have a busy day ahead

It’s a bit frustrating for my “human” convenience, as I had planned some time off today

But looking at my list I know once completed I will actually free up more space in the “long run”

With the energy of the upcoming New Moon in Leo I can feel the heart expansion needed to channel this creative marathon and its reliance or recognition of Divine Timing

Making room to connect first always to my higher self, I shuffled the Tarot.

Noticing my journal had CEO of my own destiny written across it, my mind began to race ahead with today’s list

Bringing my energy back to the present moment, hearing “deal with the task at hand” I randomly selected from behind the Five of Wands, and tuned into the unknown image in front of me

Eating a crumb I had dropped, knowing like the fairy tale I would be gifted synchronistic steps to find my way, I visualised many stars and lights.

A large white dragon in my minds eye morphing into pegasus I climbed on and recieved “fly as high as you can”

Turning over the Heirophant underneath him sat The Queen of Swords

Today read the messages around you

The energy may be chaotic but it also holds great potential

Vast visions

Hopefull scenarios

Have faith in yourself and others, make this choice, knowing you they are enough in each moment

Only then, with deep acceptance will we open our hearts to the heights now available for us all

May we realise the greater plan we can not yet see and trust we are doing what was always destined of us

In deepest munay



CEO of your own destiny?


May be an image of text that says "CEO Desting OWN- OF MY Queen of words V/ The Hierophant Five of Wands"

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