Daily guidance

” Where you stand determines how you see and feel about something”

The bobcat by Leeza Robertson

I have been put on hold

Waiting for the brakes in my van to be fixed has given me an opportunity to be at home

Somewhere I have missed greatly the last month

With deep grattitude I am taking this chance to look at where I am and where I am going

My husband and I have had a financial line drawn in the sand for next year which could very well change what we offer

It is incredibly liberating

Over the last few decades we have constantly battled laws, conditioning, stereotyping, to empower people to heal themselves from Midwifery and alternative therapies through to activism and plant medicine

The journey has been frustrating, difficult, beautiful and expansive and has needed everything on all levels that we have had to give

We have been blocked from events, groups, social media, ostracised, supported where least expected laughed, cried, and held by each other in dismay and hope

It has been incredibly healing, an honour to walk, side by side

Now as we prepare to harvest for next year we are to decide what and how we take things forward

Like us all In our own ways

So much has shifted

Yet there is still in place many old restrictions, government conflicting regulations, confused opinions, community “clicks” all of which neither of us are sure we wish to be a part of by fighting against them and thier old stories

In meditation today, asking for these blocks to be removed, and love to be sent to all involved, I felt the febrile strength of source gently pushing me forward.

Knowing as always another way beyond the ego’s would be found

Shuffling The Tarot, ironically randomly selecting from behind The Devil I tuned into the unknown image in my hands

Feeling as though I had been punched in the solar plexus as a large cord was removed, my root and heart chakras spinning freely, I became aware of large emotions rising within me

Like waves

Anger at being held back and the ripple effect

Confusion at those that had aided this, myself included

Using these vibrations to steer my own energy with a combined determination I asked for a message

Visualising a large elephant, with great strength pushing forward I recieved “put your head down, keep going”

The card was The Chariot

Today recognise your own traps

Be aware of any manipulation and control

Take responsibility for what you are willing to restrict you

Be accountable for your thoughts, feelings and actions

Next year we will only move forward by harvesting this freedom of choice

May we freely express who we are and what we want, empowering, not holding back, all those who wish to do the same, knowing that source will always find a way

In deepest humblest munay



What are you willing to fight for?


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