Daily guidance

“Having a clear mind and a clear space allows you to think and act with purpose”

Erika Oppenheimer

I have had such a constructive day that I am only now sharing the guidance!

Having cleared through and cleansed my home, organised my own counselling session to include EMDR to get to the bottom of what needs shifting- I have created space

In this place so much has been downloaded and prepared regarding what I will be offering in September!

Knowing that just round the corner there are plans for next year by which time I will be in my third level of counselling, and completed abdominal and indian head massage courses!

There is currently an awesome collective energy building

Wild, creative, yet structured and flowing

I feel in my “element”

Shuffling the cards today, deciding to work with the Medicine wheel, I could feel such hope and determination coming in within my own aura as I randomly selected from behind sweat grass- provider.

Tuning into the unknown image in my hands, eyes drawn to a book- untie the strong woman and the witches journal on my shelf I recieved “it is time to “write” whats wrong in your life”

The card was Sweat Lodge.

Today keep the balance

Respect all life and have grattitude for what you are given by sharing freely and taking only that which is needed.

Look at how you care for yourself and others around you in this flow

There is a deep healing occuring at present, use this time to witness any ancient blocks, resentments, guilts and or regrets for what they are, an opputunity to ensure the health of the whole.

May we step into the healers we have always been and support each other with the cleansing and renewal being offered to us all.

In deepest munay



Clear on what you provide?


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