Daily guidance

“Everyone makes mistakes but only a person with integrity owns up to them”

Nicole Guillaume

I have just experienced and shared the most glorious love and peace

Having prayed in Sacred space and asked Great Spirit what was needed of me, the answer was so deeply healing.

I had wok this morning feeling out of balance.

Journeying with the Queen of Pentacles I was concerned I had been asking for more than I was giving of late, but unsure what else I could share

Having dreampt I was imprisoned in the film “saw” by someone who highlighted this imbalance around me and the effect it was having upon my own ayni, reciprocity

I was then shown where this had come from, childhood memories so deeply hidden of shame and guilt for being who I was, my behaviour, and how I had allowed this inauthentic flow to occur

Causing more damage and harm to myself and as a result restricting how I too shared

My love

My peace

My connection

In truth I had been held within a shit show of complicated relationships containing bound souls, caught up in human beliefs all stemming from thier own trauma.

Low worth of themselves and each other

Praying, the response so immediate and innate there was no questioning this truth, all that was needed from me was the very thing I yearned for


To be who I came here to be

In all I do.

All …IAM

Shuffling the Tarot, randomly selecting from behind the Three of Wands, integrity, I tuned into the unknown image in my hands

Connecting to what felt like an old friend, my sacral and heart chakra spinning wildly, freely, I recieved ” you have always felt what was occuring, swiftly, naturally, its time to really trust this, your intuition has always been good enough”

The card was the Wheel of Fortune, underneath which sat The Star.

Today in a time where we are guided to avoid the light, don’t forget your own

Remember you are made of the Stars

Integrate all aspects of yourself rather than separate your own duality

Trust this inner-tuition and the completion it is bringing

May we all re-call what we came here to do with the ease and grace of integrity in our actions.

In deepest munay



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