Monday’s Musing’s 18th july 2022

If at first you don’t succeed…. Harvest- harvest harvest!!!

This week’s energy ( video below) sees a roller-coaster of emotions necessary to bring us all full circle, retrieving aspects of ourselves we have knowing and unknowingly pushed away.

We are guided to avoid getting caught up in the distracted backstories set to keep us “comfortable”

Requiring the courage and “heart of a lion” as we prepare to enter Leo season we are being stretched in time for the new moon to see things from the space of this gentle giant!

To step back

Be aware of our own narratives.

Respect the sacred translation of source we have all been gifted rather than silence it!

Look into the particulars, the mouth of it all, to determine what is actually being asked of us right now.

There is a simpler, wiser vibration ready to cut through the confusion caused by wanting to “play small”

We are being reminded to navigate this with gentle strength and determination once we have received the clarity of where this may be in relation to.

There is potential to break through collectively and grow with-in our elder, experiential, applied learning by believing in ourselves through our reflected actions.

Everything in our path is and always has been for future events, it is up to us to see this transformative energy now available.

To be the result’s we are looking for.

By respecting the sacred pauses for what they are, a chance to re-balance and align we can recognise shifts when they occur and avoid repetition.

Grounding in our own Divine timing is going to take patience and a needed listening to the calling with IN not with OUT!

It is time to heal the collective wound of lack in regard to abundance and this week sees a deep completion of this linked to all physical aspects, relationships, finances, health and just how secure we feel in them.

Will we let pride leave us “raw?”

If we can lighten up, find our inner strength embody it through integration and harvest the lessons we have received we may just remember what it feels like to be the King or Queen of our own inner-vironment!

In deepest munay



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