Daily guidance

” There are feelings you haven’t felt yet give them time they are almost here”


I’m yearning something different today

I feel something is missing

Not in a FOMO way.

I don’t fear missing out

That only ever happens to me or rather for me when I resist feeling what I’m feeling now

I end up settling

Not in a lower than I deserve manner

But accepting what is good for another

Recieving what is for someone else hoping it will stop the yearning

It doesn’t of course

Because it isn’t for me

Not understanding this for so many years I spent my time being, doing and as a result wanting what others expected of me

Becoming who others believed I was

Until the yearning became louder, unable to be silenced

Now I know its OK, essential in fact, to listen to this call-in, even if I may not understand what it wants

I know it is me

Collectively we speak of being in the moment

Often with the understanding this means we want nothing

We have no thoughts, feelings, desires or emotions

Be-in for me personally be-longs to all moments

Even those we may not like or understand

Feeling into the old wounds of “wanting more” I had no pain this morning

Instead it had been replaced by curiosity, excitement, anticipation.

I could sense my inner child’s fear at these emotions as I nurtured and held space for myself

Deciding to shuffle the light Oracle I realised it was working with my light that my heart yearned for, always would.

Selecting randomly from behind warrior woman I tuned into the unknown image in my hands

Visualising a vast pool of water infront of me, knowing I was on another planet looking down at the Earth whilst I watched the blue ethereal water flow through my hands I recieved “you knew this was what you were going to do when you came here”

Seeing a potential ocean of happiness, ease and grace I turned over Pleaides, double mission, channeling and uplifting humanity

Today raise your vibration by simply connecting to the energy of longing within your heart

Grow at a Soul level

Write, speak, channel, think and do from this frequency

It really is that simple

May we ensure that in doing this what we create serves us all

In munay



Are you ready to work your light?


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